Poetry: Multitudes


A multitude of people
in my homeland
were sacrificed before the altar
of freedom

They were my fathers,
my mothers,
my sisters,
my brothers,
my friends,
and my neighbors,
they all left me in those
succeeding nights
of terror

One by one,
their clothes,
soaked in blood
became stagnant
on sharp rocks-
mined by the establishment
that exalted the abuse
of power

One by one,
they were made to sit
only to be electrocuted
on dreaded chairs-
thrones that prod one
to question why the King and Queen,
and the prince and the princesses
are resting on the bed of gems

One by one,
they were made to squeeze their faces
in between prison bars,
only to be told that the
one who would dare to
escape would be shot,
and thrown into the lake of fire

One by one
they disappeared

One by one
they emerged
in my heart…
…in yours

So that
we will never have
to die…

AGAIN. # nordis.net


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