Youthspeak: Students of the world, unite


Today, November 17, the striving ranks of Filipino youth and students unite with the youth and students from the rest of the world in the celebration of International Students Day.

Established to commemorate the 1939 Nazi takeover of the University of Prague, which led to the execution and incarceration of thousands of student leaders, the International Students Day is a testament of the potent power of students to struggle for genuine change. Reviewing our history, there is evidently student activism behind every monumental process pushing society in a new direction.

Today, by looking back at the struggles of our forebears, we recognize our potential as students, unconstrained by the confines of our classrooms and textbooks.

Today, we realize that to be a student is to actively seek learning from the contradictions inherent in society.

Today, we turn towards the future paying close attention and instigating concrete action to the struggles in front of us.

Today, more than rejoicing for the victories of the student movement, we pledge to live up to the history of militancy and continue fighting against anti-student and anti-people policies.

The Baguio-Benguet chapter of National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP), a nationwide alliance of student councils/governments/unions, commits to take part in advancing the pressing and continuing fight for free education and just and lasting peace. The student union commits to uphold the significance of student leadership, initiative, and collective action and reach out to and forge unities with the widest range of students in the region, in the country, and in the world. #