Poetry: Unlit the candles on the Day of the Dead*


The candles at the altar
Must not be flamed.

The saints standing in wooden pulpits will not wail in melancholy,
If their figurines have no offering
From faithful devotees.
The unlit candles are better
Displayed together
With the pictures
Of smiles, hopes,
and promises,
Of garden of flowers
Of perfect blue skies
Of birds freely soaring,
Flailing in the wind,
And of reaching the heavens
And stars of freedom.
No, the candles must remain unlit,
For there was no demise to reminisce
No black veil to be worn out of sorrow.
Only traces of sands in the palm
Left behind,
And the fire in heart,
Burning with fervor,
Carrying a multitude of voices,
And a million hopes
Of surfacing,
And finally, reuniting. #

*in memory of the desaparecidos