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Editorial: National Children’s Month



Our children are our future so that we instinctively hug them dearly, nurture and protect them; raise the support and enjoy life raising and watching them grow up with and as best in a healthy family, and even in a good community. So dear they are that, in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations has proclaimed that childhood is entitled to special care and assistance…”

On this Children’s Month let all of us mull over the general situation of Filipino children today and what we can do as a community to improve their state and assure them a better future as the next community after us.

When government management fails and the country’s economy drops so low that the majority of the population sinks below the poverty line, it is like a natural disaster hits, the most vulnerable sector of society are its first victims – our young, our children, the helpless.

The failure of genuine land reform and government favoring privatizing vast tracts of land for corporate farms for export, largescale – extractive industries, exclusive housing or commercial enclaves for large profits to the rich few or foreign investment has deprived the mostly Philippine peasant population of sustainable livelihood. These also fills our markets with more imported rice and other basic produce to generate more profit for these big and few compradors.

To the Filipino workers, on the other hand, a substantial increase in the minimum wage is long overnue. The shift to contractual hiring has also constricted the quality and tenure of jobs or employment. The minimum wage earner and much more the contractual worker could not properly cope with the rising costs of living. Nor could a poverty stricken people cope with the increasing disasters brought by climate change on the environment.

The burden added by government privatization of public services like health, education, adequate housing, public mass transport, public utilities – energy, water, communications, fuel, etc., has further increased the vulnerability of the impoverished population which in turn further deprives the young, the children.

November is national children’s month, let us think of them and mull on bringing about the necessary changes in our selves, the participation in our communities, in our government today to assure the money raised to support government services for public health – children’s health care, sustainable nourishment, education, shelter, a safe and wholesome community is there, properly and justly used to support building the best future country. # nordis.net

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