Leadership training held for people’s org


DOLORES, Abra — Mudiit people’s organization (MPO), the chapter of Kakailian Salakniban Tay Amin a Nagtaudan (Kastan CPA-Abra) in the Municipality of Dolores, underwent a two-day leadership training seminar to strengthen the capacity of its members and officers.

More than forty members of MPO attended the seminar.

The leadership training seminar was held in partnership with Innabuyog, the regional chapter of Gabriela. The seminar included the basics of organizational management.

“The training is very enlightening for us officers and for all the members as well. We were able to identify our strengths and weaknesses which will enable us to correct our mistakes, further solidify our strong points and move further forward in our tasks as a people’s organization,” said Eugene Antonio, MPO President.

Kastan CPA-Abra education and public information officer Ronald Gustilo said that the training of MPO is just the start of a continuing series of education assemblies aimed at strengthening people’s organizations under Kastan.

“By equipping our people’s organizations, they will be able to effectively manage their own organization and deliver to their mandate. Their pledge to serve the people will be realized sooner,” added Gustilo.

Aside from the leadership training seminar, other capability-enhancing trainings and discussions will also be held for people’s organizations in Abra. # nordis.net


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