Colmenares urges Congress to probe SSS bonuses


QUEZON CITY — Makabayan senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares said that the proposed bonuses for the Social Security System (SSS) board as immoral and unjust.

“The supposed bonuses for the SSS board are really immoral and unjust considering that they opposed the P2000 pension hike for its pensioners. They have money for their perks and bonuses but not for the pension increase much needed by pensioners. May pera sila para sa mga bonuses nila pero binabarat naman ang mga pensioner,” said the Senior Deputy Minority Leader.

“It is in this light that we filed House Resolution 369 as early as 2013 to probe this practice of the SSS and other GOCCs. The SSS Board of Directors was awarded more than P10 million as “Performance Based Bonus” by the Governance Commission on GOCCs (GCG) for their supposed good performance in 2012 on top of their other benefits and perks as SSS Board Members,” added the progressive solon.

“Also, in 2010 SSS executives also received P200 million in undeserved “retirement” benefits and in 2011 there was overcharging on members’ loans in the amount of billions that the SSS Board has so far failed to recover or reimburse,” he added.

“The SSS board has terribly failed its pensioners and they do not deserve any bonus. While they enjoy millions in salaries, perks and bonuses, they are giving pensioners a subhuman pension. Bakit sila bibigyan ng bonus samantalang masama ang performance nila? May P325 billion pa silang collectibles, at 38% per cent lang ang collection rate nila, mabagal pa ang service sa mga miyembro, bakit mo bibigyan ng bonus ang ganito? “ he said.

“They already have so much while the pensioners have so little. That is why we will continue to push for the P2,000 pension hike,” ended Colmenares

The names and salaries of SSS officials are: Elizabeth Bettina Antonino, SSS Board member/ commissioner with P5,997,400; Rizaldy Capulong, executive vice president with P4,959,898.83; Eddie Jara, senior vice president with P4,949,365.24; Jose Bautista, senior vice president (P4,896,557.43); Judy Frances See, senior vice president (P4,858,929.87); May Catherine Ciriaco, vice president (P4,747,589.90); Mario Sibucao, vice president (P4,557,731.53); Agnes San Jose, vice president (P4,414,748.40); Gwen Marie Samontina, vice president (P4,200,986.73).

Also included were Juan Santos, chairman of the board (P4,196,399.84); Emilio de Quiros Jr., president/CEO (P4,188,689.36); Marissu Bugante, vice president (P4,070,048.65); Josie Magana, vice president (P4,034,846.60); Daniel Edralin, board member/commissioner (P3,862,000); Nicholas Balbuena, vice president (P3,847,975.53); Antonio Argabioso, vice president (P3,816,354.33); Elvira Resare, vice president (P3,466,051.92); Milagros Pacayatan, vice president (P3,448,065.53); Voltaire Agas, senior vice president (P3,394,885.21); Ibarra Alonzo, board member/commissioner (P3,307,000); Diana Aguilar, board member/commissioner (P3,187,400); Nestor Sacayan, vice president (P3,156,404.73).

Marianita Mendoza, board member/commissioner (P2,998,400); Jesse Caberoy, vice president (P2,866,869.27); Emilio de Quiros Jr., board member (P2,656,000); Ma. Lourdes Mendoza, vice president (P2,556,590.01); Bienvenido Lasuesma, board member/commissioner (P2,532,200); George Ongkengko, senior vice president (P2,392,922.27); Gamelin Oczon, vice president (P2,343,084.25); Hidelza Castillo, vice president (P2,162,399.84); Joel Layson, senior vice president (P1,793,339.17); Edgare Solilapsi, executive vice president (P1,677,182.46); Santiago Dionisio Agdeppa, senior vice president (P653,834.98) and Alan Gene Padilla, vice president (P634,114.07).

In total as of  2014, P116,826,265.95 was given to the 34 officials as against the two million SSS members awaiting the increase of their pensions. #


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