The current Philippine condition is fertile for social change — CPP


BAGUIO CITY — In a statement posted in its website and furnished to the media, the central committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on its 47th founding anniversary pronounced that the crisis of the world capitalist system is worsening and the Philippines is one of the few countries in which the illusion of economic growth is conjured from time to time by large inflows of portfolio investments and still, the country suffers from an abrupt economic downturn.

The CPP stated that the economic, social and political crisis in the Philippines is fertile ground for the advance of the revolutionary movement. The organization also stated that because of the heavy burden of escalating oppression and exploitation, the people are driven to protest and rebel. “The crisis conditions easily lead to revolutionary resistance because there is a growing revolutionary party of the proletariat that exposes the increasing inability of the ruling system to rule in the old way and that arouses, organizes and mobilizes the people to take the road of revolution,” said the CPP.

The CPP explained that under monopoly capitalism particularly in a United States (US) dictated Philippine economic policies, the drive to extract higher profit by squeezing wages and adopting higher technology inevitably leads to and further aggravates the crisis of overproduction. The revolutionary movement stated although the expansion of money supply and credit in an attempt to override the crisis, raises the profits and asset values of the monopoly bourgeoisie, bails out the banks and big corporations, artificially raises consumption and boosts military production ahead of the recovery of civil production and employment, it generates at the same time bigger financial bubbles resulting in worse financial crises on top of the current worsening economic crisis.

The CPP stated that the biggest gainers under the present administration of President Benigno Aquino III backed by US are the foreign banks and corporation and the big comprador firms. “Their interests are in banking, insurance, real estate development, infrastructures, shopping malls, semi-manufacturing, mining, logging, plantations and the like. Public-private partnerships favor big comprador companies and foreign suppliers in infrastructure and energy projects.

As a result, the wealth of the 10 richest Filipinos has risen exponentially from P650 billion in 2010 to P2.2 trillion in 2015. Top-level corruption of the Aquino ruling clique and its business favorites is frequently exposed, with particular instances of corruption involving hundreds of millions and even billions of pesos” were detailed in the statement copy.

The revolutionary organization also mentioned that social inequalities have worsened as unemployment increases, the real income of the workers and even the middle social strata have decreased, and the prices of basic commodities have risen, and social services have deteriorated, and public utility charges have been raised. The statement also added that more than 10 million Filipino contract workers left for foreign lands of unfamiliar cultures under harsh working and living conditions, low wages accompanied with neglect by the Philippine government.

“The Philippines has an agrarian semifeudal economy but it has lost food self-sufficiency, particularly with regard to rice and corn production due to the neoliberal economic policy of allowing rice and other food imports to swamp the market and discourage local production. At the same time, large plantations have been devoted to the production of such crops as rubber and palm oil for export and large areas of land allocated for bioethanol production.

Eventually, rice and other food imports have become more expensive while local food production and the peasant masses have become more impoverished,” stressed in the statement. The CPP stated that the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) and the CARP-Extension with Reforms (CARPER) have not solved the problem of landless tillers. “The peasant masses are waging various forms of struggles to fight for and assert their land rights. They are waging campaigns to reduce land rent, lower rates of usury, raise the wages of agricultural and farm workers, raise production and the prices of their produce, lower rentals on farm tools and equipment, set up cooperatives and engage in mutual help. In some regions, occupation of abandoned and contested lands are being undertaken. Nationwide protest campaigns such as peasant marches and Peasant Chain have been held,” as stated by the CPP.

The CPP also mentioned the plight of the indigenous peoples (Ips) where their right to ancestral domain is being brutally violated. The organization added that in the attempt to grab the lands of Ips, the Aquino government in favor of the foreign and local land grabbers subjects the peasants including the Ips to military and psywar operations under its Oplan Bayanihan.

The revolutionary organization also added that the students and the out-of-school youth are restless and stage militant mass actions against tuition fee hikes, the lack of jobs after graduation, the commercialized education especially in state colleges and universities, the imposition of the K12 system which was designed to produce a docile work force for the foreign and local exploiters, the reduction of budget allocation for education while there is a continuous increase in the fund for the military, police and intelligence equipment and operations.

The CPP said the Philippine revolution and the CPP have withstood all attacks of the US imperialism and the local exploiting classes because the ideological, political and organizational tasks of the Party has been well defined. By all means, the Party must lead and advance the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war.

“No matter how long it takes, the strategic defensive must advance towards the strategic stalemate.

And this latter stage must develop for as long as it takes to build regular mobile forces, supported by the guerrilla forces, the people’s militia, self-defense units or the mass organizations and the mass movement and prepare all revolutionary forces for the strategic offensive in the future,” stated the CPP. #