People with HIV can normally live longer


BAGUIO CITY — Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive Faustine Luell Angeles Jr. said that people should research well about HIV before making judgment and talking about it and mislead the public.

He said that many people associate HIV with immediate death. He said that because what they only know is that HIV has no cure. He said that it is true but it does not mean that a person who will be tested positive with HIV will automatically die immediately.

Social Hygeinic Clinic of the City Health Services Offices Head Dr. Celia Brillantes said that what most of the people know is that HIV is the first stage to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). She said that HIV when not treated takes up to about 15 years to develop into AIDS, when the virus has severely damaged the immune system of the person.

Angeles stressed that it is most important for a person who suspects he or she is at risk to have himself check. He said that when he or she is positive with HIV, this does not mean that they will get AIDS. He said that it is only a virus that can be controlled with proper medication and healthy lifestyle.

“Pag naging positive ka at nagpatulong ka and you will be treated, you can have a normal life even with the virus,” Angeles said. He said that an infected person can stay healthy and free from sickness if he takes care of his or her body. “He can surely live longer if he wants,” he added.

Angeles who was diagnosed positive with HIV in 2012 said that it has not progress to AIDS. He said that he is a very active biker and in fact he organized the launching of the “Pedal for HIV campaign” on May 5 this year. He admitted that when he found out having the virus, he got depressed but eventually he help himself at the same time accepting the help of the people around him.

Angeles compared HIV with cancer. “Kung ako, baka mas gugustuhin ko ang HIV kesa cancer,” he said. He explained that although there are medicines and medical processes to cure cancer, they have less guarantee to live longer.

“Kung tinaningan ka na ng doctor na me dalawang taon ka pa mabubuhay, talagang mahirap nang makontra kahit na the person will undergo the painful chemotherapy at kung ano-ano pang gamutan,” Angeles added.

He advised the people to research mor about HIV. He also advised the people living with HIV to listen to those who have proper and adequate knowledge especially on the proper medications and managements. #


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