Soldiers abduct another Aggay


BAGUIO CITY — Philippine Army soldiers abducted another Aggay in Barangay Masi, Rizal in the province of Cagayan.

According to an urgent alert sent by Karapatan-Cagayan Valley, Lenor Danao, an Aggay (indigenous people in Cagayan), was taken by 25 soldiers believed to be from the 17th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army (IBPA) on the morning of October 1.

It can be recalled that a Malaweg Marlon Baganay, and two Aggays Mendo Bisiotan and Lando Daryuin were abducted by operating 17th IB soldiers in San Juan on July 20 and later surfaced at a military camp in Lasam, Cagayan on July 23.

The soldiers arrived at the hut of Danao and started searching, according to Karapatan-CV report. The soldiers allegedly found a gun outside the hut and said it belonged to the victim.

Danao was resting with his family at their hut in Sitio Grouping, Barangay Masi when he was picked-up, according to Karapatan-CV. Danao’s wife, Cely, and their three children were with him when he was taken by soldiers. Danao is a farmer.

According to Gonyang Danao-Aglicosta, Danao was sick when taken by the soldiers. She saw her father and the soldiers at the house of a Maring Tungao and her father was already trembling and weak by that time. When the soldiers and Danao started walking, Aglicosta together with three female Aggays decided to follow them.

Aglicosta said her father was forced to walk under the rain from Barangay Masi to Barangay Gagabutan which they reached at around 4:00AM on October 2. Aglicosta is three months pregnant.

It was in Gagabutan where Aglicosta and her companions last saw Danao when he was loaded into a military vehicle. Aglicosta tried to accompany her father but the soldiers did not allow her to board the vehicle. The soldiers also did not inform Aglicosta where they are taking Danao.Aside from taking her father, the soldiers also took a mobile phone, cash amounting to P1,400, a blanket and two hammocks, Aglicosta said.

Danao remains missing as of press time. His relatives are calling on the military to immediately surface Lenor. #