Water system bring relief to a community in Abra


BAGUIO CITY — “It is a big relief for us residents of Manapnap that the rehabilitation of the water system has done; our children will no longer go to the river to take a bath before going to school and we do not need to go far to fetch water”. This is from a mother who worries every time her child goes to the river.

On May 2015, the Cordillera Disaster Response and Development Services Incorporated (CorDis-RDS) implemented the rehabilitation of water system at Sitio Manapnap, Binasaran, Malibcong, Abra. The said project was completed on June 19, 2015 through the leadership of the Manapnap Community Organization (MCO) and the efforts of barangay officials of the community. There are 16 families in 12 households who are direct beneficiaries of the water system. A church, a rice mill and a day care center also benefited from the project.

One can already see the impact of the project on the community. Most households have their own faucet and they don’t need to fetch water from afar and lessen the risk of crossing the river especially during rainy season. The water system also helped with the sanitation of the whole community. The scarcity of potable water during summer, contamination and the poor performance of the water system made the Manapnap Community Organization (MCO) decide to rehabilitate it. They sought help from their barangay and succeeded, but the fund they got was not enough, so they decided to ask for assistance from CorDis-RDS. CorDis-RDS helped in providing the materials needed for the rehabilitation and the People’s Organization’s counterpart provided free labor and local resources such as river sand and lumber forms.

A Project Management Orientation (PMO) was conducted before its actual implementation. The orientation aimed to let the community understand the project use and needs before its implementation.

To be able to take good care and protect the project, the community of Manapnap created policies for the maintenance, as well as the conservation of the forest where they get their water.

Manapnap is one of the three most remote sitios of Barangay Binasaran in the municipality of Malibcong.

On July 28, 2015 the waterworks system was turned over to the MCO and to the community. #nordis.net


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