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Army abducts three Aggays in Cagayan



RIZAL, Cagayan — Karapatan-Cagayan Valley demanded the release of the three Aggays who were abducted by Philippine Army soldiers on July 20 and surfaced at the Cagayan police provincial office on July 23.

The Aggays are being held in police custody after the military filed illegal possession of firearms complaint at the fiscal’s office.

According to the Karapatan-Cagayan Valley fact sheet more than 30 soldiers mauled Mendo Visiotan, 26; Marlon Baganay, 27 and a senior citizen Lando Duruin before forcibly taking them away in Sitio Daligan, Barangay San Juan, Rizal, Cagayan at dawn on July 20.

Karapatan documentation said the soldiers arrived at Sitio Daligan around 5:00AM with a civilian guide who allegedly led them to the house of Visiotan. Aside from mauling the three, the soldiers allegedly ransacked five houses in the area and scattered clothes and even rice all over. The soldiers accused the Aggays to be NPA rebels saying that they found firearms in their houses.

The soldiers even kicked Jessica Visiotan when she tried to held her husband, Mendo. The Aggays tried to seek help from their barangay officials but the soldiers fordibly took away the three victims when they left the community. Villagers saw how the soldeirs dragged the victims out of their village.

Relatives of the victims followed their kin and the soldiers until they reached Barangay Sicalao, Lasam, Cagayan where the nearest camp of the 17th IBPA is located. They reached the camp around 10:00PM of the same day. The victims were dragged into a van and that was the last time their relatives saw them. The soldiers did not allow any of the victim’s relatives to go with them.

Karapatan also reported that the soldiers passed through the fields and gardens of the community destroying palay and corn crops on their path.

No barangay official accompanied the families when they followed their kin due to fear. # nordis.net

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