NGO trains MP community on landslide relief


BAGUIO CITY – Eighty-five (85) participants attended a typhoon induced landslide drill in Kayan West, Tadian Mountain Province last October 3, 2014. A first and successful drill for the community and educational for the invited observers.

PREPAREDNESS. Residents of Kayan West, Tadian, Mountain Province train for disaster response. Photo courtesy of Cordis
PREPAREDNESS. Residents of Kayan West, Tadian, Mountain Province train for disaster response. Photo courtesy of Cordis
The community drill was spearheaded by the Cordillera Disasters Response and Development Services Inc. (CorDisRDS) under the program Partners for Resilience in coordination with various agencies such as Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development (ACCORD) who provided the scenario, barangay officials, Purok leaders and vulnerable residents in said barangay.

Barangay Local Government Units and Peoples Organizations from other barangays like Tue, Bunga, Cada-anan, Tapapan and Guinzadan Norte were also invited, along with the representatives of BFP Tadian and MDRRMO Tadian to participate as observers of the said activity.

Kayan West is one of the barangays in Tadian, Mountain Province was considered prone to landslides and sinking thus making the community vulnerable to such instances. After recent events and aftermaths of harsh weather disturbances hitting their barangay, the people were motivated collectively to take risk reduction measures in order to lessen these circumstances, ergo the actual practice of the community drill that took place.

Before the community drill was executed, there were a series of consultations and meetings with the cooperative Barangay officials of the community. Few things were also realized and considered such as the completion, updates and review of their contingency plan before it was carried out. Based on the contingency plan, the community drill was decided to be on typhoon induced landslides.

The objectives of the exercise are; to demonstrate the familiarity with the contingency plan, the relevant roles and responsibilities of the BDRRMC; to test the efficiency and appropriateness of the community’s early warning system, evacuation plan and DRRMC structure and to identify issues and concerns and recommendations to improve the contingency plan of the barangay.

The community was determined to have the drill as they realized it will capacitate them in the future if such events were to happen.

The drill took over an hour to be executed and the invited observers showed positive appreciation of the cooperative participation of the residents of the barangay. The activity certainly gave a new and optimistic view on the relevance of these community drills. It provided the observers objective ideas on how to conduct their own drills to create more resilient communities of their own and to capacitate their residents.

After the positive execution of the activity, Kayan West Punong Barangay Robinson Pil-ingen said that it goes to show that communities are always willing to do what is best for their barangay to be better because that defines what a community is. He also added that, “These drills do show exaggeration of what are supposed to be expected during typhoons but it gives as perspectives on how to deal with such circumstances without uncertainties and unwanted fears.

The appreciation of this activity’s success is not to be bragged but a further positive challenge and obligation to improve the community’s resilience not just for now but for the next generations,” he said. #


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