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As The Bamboos Sway: Shame on me? Shame on you!



The FilAm heckler of President BS Aquino at Columbian University, being escorted out of the forum where the president recently spoke, retorted to an audience who said to her “Shame on you,” “Shame on me? Shame on you! Shame on you!”

At the end of the forum, the astounded president remarked that the heckler was very young and wondered if she really knew what she was talking about. In the lightning moments, she had blurted to the audience “Have you donated for the Haiyan (Yolanda typhoon)…1.5 million pesos are gone… no justice no peace.”

Whether or not the heckler was out of order, discourteous, or young, I admire her courage. This I cannot say about our other Kababayans who are contended in saying ‘kawawa naman ang Pilipinas’ but would not say anything or perfunctorily just say ‘ganyan talaga ang pulitika sa atin eh,’ much less do something about the prevailing situation in the Philippines.

At any rate, the president was at the Columbian University at the heel of his speech at the United Nations on climate change after his European trip. In the aftermath, he spent an aggregate of 46.7 million pesos (31.9 million for Europe and 14.8 million for USA). He spent these millions to toot his assumed economic developments in the Philippines; lambast former President Gloria Arroyo and compare her to the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos; rationalize and justify the failures of his government to curb traffic conditions, crimes, and other anomalies in the Philippines. On top of it all, he had the gall, like he knew everything about climate change maladies that he invoked other countries to follow suit his assumed programs to help clean the environment.

He said that Gloria Arroyo was so notorious that the economy has skidded during her regime and that many Filipinos had no recourse but to seek fortunes in faraway lands as Overseas Filipino Workers. For the information of this President BS Aquino, the brain and brawn drain in the Philippines had been going on even before the Diosdado Macapagal presidency which institutionalized the overseas workers exportation program of the Philippine Government. Aquino also compared Arroyo to being like Marcos, when it is he who is wanting to change the constitution or doing manipulations so he could extend his presidency beyond his six years tenure like Marcos did.

And where in the world would someone say that the worsening traffic conditions in the Philippines, particularly in Manila, is a sign of progress? Instead of solving the congestions, he says that there is more traffic because many more could afford cars. What? He had now four years to develop steps, maybe have more MRT lines, or at least, repair or modernize them, to, at least, ease the traffic conditions.

And the ‘Hulidap’ crimes involving policemen even in broad daylight? He said, we are solving those. Isn’t it that they were (the hulidapers) caught by also our own policemen? Diyos ko Purisima! And BS Aquino had the gall to protect the head honcho of the police force from those wanting him to resign, be investigated, or, at least, take a live of absence while under scrutiny.

All the above expose’ and others that reflect this president’s inability to solve problems but being good at the blame game, rationalizing and justifications are nothing, however, compared to the hypocrisy of his speech on climate change.

Below are the salient quote from this president who had doubted the alternative sources of energy when he blurted: so what good are windmills when there is no wind and what good are solar systems when it is cloudy? So, in spite of his technological ignorance, he has said the following in front of United Nations representatives.

“The Philippines is not waiting. We are addressing climate change to the maximum with our limited resources. Legislation has been enacted to lessen the impact of disasters by adopting a comprehensive approach to disaster response. We have empowered our forecasting with timely warnings to vulnerable communities. For national and local authorities and residents, we have undertaken multi-hazard and geohazard mapping, which is integral to the effective assessment of risks.

“We have undertaken a massive national re-greening program on top of an intensified anti-illegal logging campaign. We are tagging public expenditure on climate change to ensure that the appropriate prioritization and allocation of funds is achieved. My country has likewise engaged other stakeholders in developing a disaster risk financing and insurance policy framework that can reduce the impact of disasters on the poorest and most vulnerable Filipinos. Perhaps the international community may see the value of such an instrument, and look at it as a model to increase the financial resiliency of other nations in a similar situation to ours.

“As early as 2008, we have passed a Renewable Energy Act, and are now treading a climate-smart development pathway. We continue to take steps to maintain and even improve our low-emission development strategy and the trajectory of our energy mix. And we are hopeful that our fellow developing nations, especially those who have been gaining the economic wherewithal to pursue similar strategies, will tread a path akin to ours.”

This is coming from President BS Aquino who had already approved the construction of 26 coal power plant projects targeted to be completed by year 2020. Either he is ignorant that coal power plants contribute to the noxious emissions that pollute the atmosphere or he cannot say no to his Cojuanco clan who owns most of these plants.

Nonetheless, should he walk the talk after his UN speech, these are the things I believe he should do: 1. Place a moratorium on mining projects that denude forests and pollute rivers and the air with their emissions. 2. Direct the Department of Environment and Natural Resources not only to be against illegal logging but ban logging altogether. 3. Subsidize the construction of wind and solar energy farms. His unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program and the Pork Barrel scam proved that the Philippine government has lots and lots of money to construct these farms to provide the megawatts needed by the country. 4. On a personal level, he should stop smoking. The cigarette industry has been identified as one of the biggest destroyer of the environment.

There should be more steps that he could do but failing in the above, his speech would go down history as the most hypocritical delivered at a most revered international body, the United Nations.

In the same forum, Leonardo de Caprio, the Peace Ambassador of the United States to the United Nations said “as an actor, I pretend for a living.” He emphasized that climate change is for real and words and actions for environmental cleansing should be real.

If President BS Aquino cannot walk the talk, he is really does hypocrisy for a living.

And I am glad that I wrote this piece. If I did not, I should be ashamed of myself. # nordis.net

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