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BenCab Museum 5th anniv exhibits a photographer, potter

Emmanuel Tolentino, 2ndEarth. Photo courtesy of BenCab Museum


This February, as part of its 5th anniversary celebrations, BenCab Museum welcomes two peripatetic artists home: photographer Emmanuel Tolentino Santos from Melbourne, Australia and potter Hadrian Mendoza from Virginia, USA.

Emmanuel Tolentino Santos: 2nd Earth

2014_0216bencab_ETolentinoPhotographer Emmanuel Tolentino Santos brings to Gallery Indigo a new series of photographs featuring breath-taking scenes of life: a harvest, on a fishing boat, by the river and mountain – each punctuated by the jarring presence of a guy in a space suit. There are likewise scenes less idyllic: mountains of garbage, desolate ruins and deserts – again with the guy in a space suit. The suit is specially made – a replica of the one worn by Neil Armstrong on his historic moon walk. In essence, Santos asks: “Mankind has expended great treasure and effort going out into space to learn more about being human. But is it not wiser to get back to our roots, to our towns and villages, to our very selves, to find out the bigger truths about who we are?”

Shot in Israel, Argentina, Australia, Poland and the Philippines, the project will proceed to Mexico, Brazil, Iceland, Morocco, Spain and Russia. It is the artist’s journey home, to self-understanding, to relearning forgotten lessons and rediscovering eternal truths.

“The spaceman is the physical symbol of every one of us. As an artist, my aim is to bring us face to face with the keepers of our planet’s true wisdom and relearn what the majority of us have long forgotten…”

2nd Earth will be on view until 6 April 2014 at the BenCab Museum’s Gallery Indigo.

Hadrian Mendoza: Home, Sweet Home

At Sepia Gallery, potter Hadrian Mendoza brings home pieces made in his studio in Virginia, where he has been active since 2009. In that faraway place, the artist returned to familiar themes and shapes: bamboo, the bahay kubo, and iconic bulul of the Cordilleras. While reminiscing about his former studio in Mt. Makiling, the artist continued to evolve, together with his works.

Hadrian Mendoza, Drum#1, salt fired, 2014, 14 inches height. Photo courtesy of BenCab Museum
Hadrian Mendoza, Drum#1, salt fired, 2014, 14 inches height. Photo courtesy of BenCab Museum
“While houses are closed forms with walls, windows, doors and a roof, I have made these open to the outside world. The abandoned feeling hints to a lost time or era, and a yearning to go back home.”

Home, Sweet Home will be on view until 18 March 2014 at the BenCab Museum’s Sepia Gallery.

BenCab Museum is honored to welcome back these two world-class artists to their spiritual home: the islands of the Philippines.

BenCab Museum is on Km. 6 Asin Road, Tuba, Metro Baguio, and is open daily except Mondays, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day, from 9am to 6pm. For more details, call tel. (074) 4427165 or 0920-5301954; email bencabartfoundation@gmail.com; or visit www.bencabmuseum.org # nordis.net

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