Baguio temperature drops to 8.1 degrees celcius, frost has little effect on mountain farms


BAGUIO CITY – The temperature in this highland city drops to its lowest this Sunday morning, January 19, at 8.1 degrees celcius and it will possibly go lower until next month, weather expert from the local PAGASA said.

In the higher areas of the Mountain Province and Benguet, the temperature is much lower and experiences frost, farmers shared but pointed out that the areas affected are limited though.

Aside from Paoay, Atok and Cada, Mankayan, both towns of Benguet Province, vegetable areas in Mountain Province also experience frost or andap due to the drop in temperature since the last days of December.

The barangays of Bauko, Mountain Province, particularly Sinto, Mount Data, and Upper Monamon Sur experienced frost, farmer Nora Caligtan of the town said. The town, populated by 30,172 Kankanaeys and more than 124 kilometers north of this city, is the vegetable capital of the province and near the pine and mossy forested areas of Mount Data mountain range with an elevation of 2,310 meters.

She said that at least P 30,000 worth of various temperate vegetables, including cabbage and potatoes, were destroyed due to frost that had occurred since the last days of December. Frost was noted most since Monday up to the present, added Caligtan, a member of the Bauko Organic Practitioners Association (BOPA), which markets its product in Bauko, La Trinidad and this City.

Marcelo Daweg, staff of the Bauko local government unit, said that the affected vegetable area is minimal comparatively.

In KM 102 the higher area of Bauko town, did not experience frost lately because winds were strong unlike in the earlier days of January, said farmer Albon. But the frost-affected vegetable farms of the town were destroyed because farmers cannot afford the water sprinkles to wash out frost in the morning or the green houses as these are expensive.

Daweg added that the elevated areas of Bauko are usually affected by frost when the temperature drops to 10 degrees. Mount Polis of Mountain Province also experience frost, he added in a phone interview.

He said that farmers had not yet been extended assistance from the regional Department of Agriculture support project to help farmers affected by the frost, which was announced recently by a local official over local media. #


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