Ibaloi group seeks to manage heritage park


BAGUIO CITY — According to Onjon ni Ivadoi Association Inc. President Jackson Chiday, the organization has requested by way of a letter to the office of the president for a national measure or law putting the Ibaloi Heritage Garden at Burnham Park under their management.

Chiday cited Resolution No. 182, series of 2010 designating the portion of Burnham Park between the Children’s Playground and the City Orchidarium as site for the Mateo Cariño monument and as an Ibaloi Heritage Garden. He also mentioned Ordinance No. 9 series of 2013 institutionalizing the Ibaloi Day and making it a regular activity of the City of Baguio, and Resolution No. 395 series of 2009 declaring February 23 of every year as Ibaloi Day in the city in commemoration of the day the United States Supreme Court it upheld the Doctrine of Native Title in favor of Ibaloy chieftain Mateo Cariño.

“Isu ti basis mi a nangsurat kenni apo president,” (this was are our basis to write the president) Chiday said. He explained that without a proper proclamation, they cannot introduce improvements and developments. He added that the area will be purely for cultural activities. He also said that it will not be limited to the Ibalois but for public use.

He said however that as per resolution 182, it will be managed by Onjon ni Ivadoi.

City Councilor Isabelo Cosalan Jr. on Monday said the city government came out with a resolution years ago. He said that now, what needs to be done is how to develop it and the Ibalois have responded to it. He said they want to do something about it and if they cannot wait for the government, they are willing to do what is supposed to be done for the area.

Cosalan said that the Onjon wrote the office of the president and the office in return wrote the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and also the city council. He said that the DENR also endorsed the matter to the members of the city council.

According to Cosalan, now that the matter is again in the hands of the city council, they want to know the development plans of the Ibaloi association. He said that is why they invited them to clarify some matters and put them in writing so that they will forward it to appropriate offices like the office of the president.

Chiday said that they have proposed plans and they are open for suggestions and changes. He added that if ever their request be granted, they will get necessary permits for the improvement and development they will do in the Ibaloi Park. # nordis.net


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