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Sablan school lacks water source



SABLAN, Benguet — Banangan Elementary School Principal Mating Mangusan disclosed that their school still lacks water supply during the inauguration of Banangan Water System at the CTC grounds of Banangan, Sablan Benguet, March 5.

FOREST FIRE PREVENTION. Jaime V Ongpin foundation together with Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan and Sablan Mayor Arthur Baldo lead the turn over of the forest fire prevention equipment to Banangan Forest fire brigade during the inauguration of the Banangan Water System at Sablan. Photo by Delia Bagni
In the presence of Benguet Governor Nestor Fongwan, Mangusan said that their school is still problematic interms of water supply. She added that though there are tanks in the school they cannot save enough water for all the students to use and for other purposes.

Banangan Kagawad Allan Mening said that the water pipes are still under rehabilitation and they are still working on the pipelines going to the school. He added that the school must consider that the way going to the school is not that easy, so they have to focus on the structure on how water will flow directly to the school.

Bernguet Governor Nestor Fongwan said that the water used in the school should undergo bacteriological laboratory testing to elliminate bacteria that are harmful to the health of the students.

He added that with the increasing number of patients undergoing dialysis and their age are getting younger, clean potable water is needed in schools specially that children prefer energy drinks than plain water.

He said that the provincial government will give water fountains to school, however there are 400 schools all over the province of Benguet, first schools to have passed the bacteriology test will receive water fountains. Fongwan promised to do their best to look for partners to help provide water fountains to all the schools.

The two kilometers water pipe will benefit 9 puroks with 207 households of the barangay.

Meanwhile, in observance of the Fire Prevention Month, fire prevention equipments were turned over to Banangan Forest Brigade during the inauguration of the Banangan Water System as an action in Saving the Benguet Watershed for Water.

A ccording to project manager, Rhoda Buenavista, the equipments given to the forest fire brigades is a way to celebrate Fire Prevention Month. Equipment given were water sprays, head protectors, gloves, boots, shovel and more for the forest brigades to use in protectiong the communal forests.

Kagawad Allen Mening added that the equipments will be cared by the brigaders and will be used properly as a sign of gratitude and for the protection on one of the remaining forests of Sablan. # nordis.net

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