Crossroads: Super typhoons & global warming


Once more global warming has sent us a grim urgent warning. The ferocity, wideness and depth of destruction wrought by Typhoon Sandy on the Atlantic coast especially on mighty financial district New York is so large, it is beyond calculation as one governor put it.

Notice how mainstream media covered the devastation. Every nook and cranny, every famous street on New York, every subway system including that dangling 90th story crane was covered and covered relentlessly like a never ending drama. Our hearts pour out to the people who experienced what we in the Philippines have been so used to in times of rains. However our hearts also bleed for those in other states who are also damaged in property perhaps but not in spirit.

Our hearts bleed as well for the people of Cuba, Haiti and other southern American states not covered by mainstream media altho the United Nations has already raised an appeal especially for Haiti that two years after experiencing the worst storm have yet to rebuild lives and are still living in tent cities. The UN has said that financial and material aid to Haiti has dropped and are appealing for more help especially after typhoon Sandy.

Typhoon Sandy was an ordinary typhoon as explained by the meteorologists. But what caused it to be a “frankenstorm” and why was it moving so slow like it was walking in the park. The answer my friends is in the hot waters of the Atlantic warmed by global warming caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Now, we all know up to now, the US of A despite Al Gore’s “truth” has vetoed all efforts to cutting green house gases like the Kyoto Protocol and is doing all it can to stop environmentalists from keeping our only planet clean and green.

US of A has not learned its lesson with Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans to this day continues to rebuild. The federal government had treated Katrina like a mere incident, like just a common storm that will be forgotten by all. But Sandy, Katrina, Ondoy and Pepeng are not mere incidents. Unprecedented rainfall and gustiness cannot be mere “super typhoons” and on to watching for the next one.

If we have to learn our lessons, Mother Nature is now wielding a big big stick with jet speed whacking and oceanful drenching. When I was looking at the TV reportage, I could only utter a prayer that something this strong has not yet visited the Philippines. But what if it does, as it surely will come one day – the BIG ONE. Would we have the resources to cope with it? Would we ever be ready?

New York, the financial capital of the world, the headquarters of the United Nations, has shown how prepared it was for 9/11. It has also shown that with Sandy, it is lacking in resources in a catastrophe like this. This is New York, what about Manila, Baguio, Davao, Cebu?

Sandy is teaching us global warming is real, global warming is deadly, global warming is upon us. In fact many climate change watchers are saying we are beyond redemption since it should have been 20 years ago that we started with green house’s total reduction. Now the grim prediction of one meter of water submerging our coastal areas is becoming more real.

Which again brings me to the magnetite mining on our shores. New Jersey is protected by sand dunes. But even the sand dunes were no match for the churning waves and gales of wind. The aerial shots show a New Jersey coastline redrawn. Now we are allowing the sand dunes of our coasts to be destroyed by allowing black sand mining. What protection do our countrymen/women have when a storm of this magnituted will strike. We should NOW stop all black sand mining on our shores and rivers.

The time to act is now, not LATER. #


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