Ayyew practice lessens garbage


BAGUIO CITY — With the increasing problem of piling garbage of Baguio, the Tebteba Foundation in coordination with the Tontongan ti Umili conducted a workshop to draw ideas to help address the garbage in the city of Baguio.

Ayyew is a Cordilleran word meaning not to waste or “sayang” in Filipino. Ayyew is practiced by most people whereby food leftovers after meals are collected and reprocessed for animal food.

“Many of us do not want to waste food, so a lot of migrants in the city raise hogs to consume these leftovers rather than throwing it away, Geraldine Duco Cacho said in her lecture during the workshop.

According to Cacho, there are a number of ways to address the problem on garbage especially biodegradable wastes. One of which is hograising in the community or barangay. In a survey in this city among 23 barangays, hograising is considered a major source of income.

However in a community of the Cordilleran, hog raising is not usually seen for market but rather raising hogs for butcher on special occasions such as thanksgiving, weddings, and cultural gatherings.

Cacho pointed out that hograising can really lessen the biodegradable waste volume of the city. Pig food are sorted out from leftover food from food chains, or restaurants, fastfood centers, vegetable and fruit peelings from the city market and trading post of La Trinidad are collected by local hograisers including the leftovers they can collect from their neighbors.

According to Cachoo, every ten pigs consume 22,649 kilos of food every week and an adult pig consumes 15.8 kilos of food every day. For every hograiser raising 100 pigs or more, multiplying the 23 barangays with the volume of consumption of each pig in a day will lessen the garbage essentially.

However, hograising in the city is threatened with the implementation of a Department of Health order banning hograising in the city for sanitary reasons. So the body asked CEPMO public officer Ruben Cervantes and the government body to come up with a solution that will benefit the both parties and conduct public awareness on proper hograising and the impounding and treatment of the liquid wastes from hog raising. # nordis.net


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