Baguio Pride Network Activities


BAGUIOCITY — Baguio Pride Network (BPN), an alliance of Gays and Lesbians in Baguio launched a month long activity to educate, liberate, celebrate with great success.

The month long celebration started with an 80’s themed disco and will end with a Pride March in the morning of June 27, Sunday.

An enviroment promotion activity was scheduled yesterday with a tree planting in Busol watershed.

The success of the month long activities is the result of the hard work by the BPN in their effort to be recognized as productive citizens who are socially aware and responding to the call of the times, the event also at times serves as protest to elevate the awareness of the community againts homophobia

Aside from these activities, a gay organization was recently formed in La Trinidad, Benguet. The La Trinidad Gays Association was a product of the Libreng Gupit activity in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Organizing gays and lesbians for worthwhile causes is one of the programs of BPN.

BPN was spearheaded by LesBond ( a lesbian group) and Pro-Gay Baguio in June 2006. Yearly, the BPN has organized many events to bring forward the protection of gays and lesbians and the promotion of their rights as individuals.
Since then, many gays and lesbians organizations, as well as individuals joined the BPN in calling to end homophobia and to stop all forms and nuances of discrimination (gender, nationality or race) in our society.

The growing membership of BPN is proof that gays and lesbians in Baguio and in Benguet are now coming out from their closet to join the fight for equal rights and no discrimination in society.

Other participants include the Metropolitan Community Churches in Metro Baguio (MCC-MB), Ikatlong Lahi,Thunderbirds Association in Cordilleras and Suburbs Incorporated (TACSI), The Blazing Eagles Organization (TBEO) and La Trinidad Gays Association and other LGBT individuals.

The cry of gays and lesbians this year is: Stop all forms of exploitation in LGBT, End Homophobia and Celebrate the Pride.#