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PGMA the new Marie Antoinette



Living in luxury as Filipinos starve

We, members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) Teachers’ Party-list, strongly condemn the lavish dinners and foreign travelsof Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo amidst the ever-worsening hunger and poverty problems of our country.

 Shameless opulence and excessive luxury have no place in a third-world country like ours – grappling with huge foreign debts and perennial budget deficits along with millions of hungry mouths, malnourished children, foodless farmers and jobless workers.

The Arroyo regime’s 20,000-dollar dinner and 15,000-dollar steak meals, not to mention the 2.3 billion-peso foreign travels they’ve made in recent years are plainly outrageous and utterly insensitive, for as they splurge, as they waste money, as they opulently feast on nauseatingly fancy yet expensive meals, Filipinos die from eating rotten food from garbage heaps, janitor fish, tadpoles, abaca shoots and other inedible plants and animals.

Whether or not the money came from a nephew of the dictator and plunderer Marcos is not the big issue, although it should also be investigated. It is the plain apathy of ostentatious “public servants” living the high life as queens and kings while neglecting and turning a blind eye to their country’s festering social cancers – widespread hunger and poverty, homelessness, landlessness and the rise of poverty-driven petty crimes such as theft and pick pocketing – that made us all the more angry at their opulence.

As the Good Book says, it is a shame to live in luxury when poverty is widespread in your country. Instead of wasting huge funds to luxurious dinners and travels, they should help solve the country’s problems.

They should first provide food, shelter and other basic necessities for every Filipino. The money they’ve wasted could have been spent better for emergency food aid for the poorest Filipinos. Let anathema be upon these evil men who eat and drink as the nation starves! May history soon pass verdict upon them!

The era of the likes of Nero who fiddled as Rome burned, Marie Antoinette who devoured cakes and built luxurious palaces as the French people starve, Imelda Marcos who wore diamonds and bought thousands of designer shoes while Filipinos go hungry, all came to a dead end.

And soon, the Filipino people will find enough courage and unity to finally end the much-reviled tyranny of excessively gluttonous and utterly insensitive politicians led by the evil queen, the new Marie Antoinette, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo herself. # nordis.net

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