Youthspeak: Teach-err


Teaching is regarded as the noblest profession. A person holding the key to teach is a teacher. It is obvious that one who is committed to the profession is responsible of educating people regardless of its status, gender, culture, age and any possible human differences. Thus, this signifies that there would be no education without teachers. However, a problem stemmed from the question – What is the most feasible way to teach?

Commonly, teaching is denoted as a communication performed inside the classroom where the teacher implies accurate data while the students absorb what is being implied.

Teaching also flows through the demands of application. After a particular discussion inside the classroom, a teacher demands for requirements and assignments parallel to the discussed topic. These methods are always performed in formal education.

I believed these were enough.

On April 3, I was tasked to observe a training-workshop held in a prestigious university. Participants were teachers nationwide. At the moment I stepped in the area of the university, I began to put an eye on everything. The first hours of the activity were very overwhelming. The members of the host were warm in their approach to the participants. The place was evident of extensive preparation. It was clean and elegant. The ambiance was cozy. The environment was serene. Participants, even at first glance were of certainly knowledgeable. The arrival and registration was administered with coeval assistance. Participants mingled and found their closure with other participants.

It turned out well. Yes.

However, at the later part of the activity, the congregation was shocked by a flaming argumentation. The conflict occurred between a doctor of education who happened to be the lecturer and an officer of the Commission on Higher Education. The scene began when the CHED officer violently reacted towards the speaker’s latter statement during his discussion. The statement pinpointed irresponsible CHED officers who knows no other work but to sit. The argumentation lasted for minutes and murmurings were created in the midst of the rebuttal. It was sultry. Both were defensive. Both were harsh. Apology was expressed by the lecturer but reconciliation was vague. The seminar resumed.

I had been observing for a while and my eyes never spared inhumane acts from these mentors. One, unfocused. The teachers in the training-workshop were supposed to listen and participate in the discussions. Of course, they were chosen as their school’s representatives and therefore, the school hoped for new information that could help improve their standard of education. However, it was disappointing to witness teachers who only chat, laugh, chat, laugh,etc. No wonder, these teachers need trainings. There must. There must be more.

Two, perpetration of disrespect. The teachers were blunt in showing this behavior in the event. While the Certificate of Appreciation was being awarded to the lecturer, the participants were as well busy roaming around the summit area and created noise.

Three, excessive desire for food. The teachers were outrageously rushing towards the buffet regardless of the activities and time in the program. Imagine a child who is afraid that his siblings will not leave him/her anything to eat . Definitely, I can compare these teachers to a child who seeks for candies and milk.

Vulnerable errs!

Reality flushed. It was not enough. My eyes reached not only external scenes. I achieved consciousness. Consciousness that education does not only exist inside the academe but it is also affected by what is being seen and heard.

Therefore, I exhort all our respected mentors to teach not only within the walls of the institution but within the unending corners of the world. We look up to you and we are indebted in you . I have already known that the best way to teach is to exemplify. Teachers, teach by example. We follow. #


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