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CorDisRDS at thirty

Greetings from the CDPC-CPA network where CorDisRDS is an active member. CPA just concluded yesterday a three day regional Congress, and CDPC also had its assembly earlier in July this year. Both successful events show a sustained civil society network of people’s organizations and NGOs in the Cordillera that advance genuine people’s development. Thank you for this opportunity to be with you all in this well attended anniversary of beneficiaries, partners and volunteers in development work, staff and BOT members.

Panangibingay iti shelter assistance kalpasan ti Typhoop Lawin

TABUK CITY, Kalinga — Ti barangay Agbannawag ket masarakan iti daya a paset ti syudad ti Tabuk, Kalinga. Maysa kadagiti kadakkelan iti population a barangay. La-ok iti nagduduma a tribu ken ili dagiti agnanaed ditoy kas iti taga Mt. Province, Ilocano ken dagiti tribu ti Kalinga kas iti Butbut, Bangad iti Tinglayan, Tanglag iti Lubuagan. Maysa a problema iti lugar mi ket ti agkurkurang iti danum a mainom.