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Black Friday Protest

Baguio sectors condemn 2-year Duterte regime

BAGUIO CITY — Condemning the continuing harassment and political prosecution of indigenous activists in the region and denouncing the two years of tyranny under the Duterte Regime, a Black Friday Protest was held and joined by different sectors of Baguio led by members of Tongtongan Ti Umili (TTU) and in coordination with other people’s organizations in Metro Baguio, Friday, July 6 at Malcolm Square.

All That Fits: In Black on Friday

In Baguio City, there is a public invitation to attend the Black Friday Protest (BFP) on July 6, 13 and 20. The BFP is organised by Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance and Anakbayan Metro Baguio. The event intends to shed light on the worsening plight of human rights, with the unabated facsist attacks of the regime against the people. I believe the expected outcome is to motivate the public into action against the many injustices in the present: economically, politically—and the most striking is the state of human rights.