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Youthspeak: Protesta laban iti US-Duterte iti ASEAN

Dagiti nainsigudan nga umili iti intero a pagilian agraman ti Igorot, Lumad ken dadduma pay a naggapu iti nadumaduma nga organisasyon ti umili kas ti Cordillera Peoples Alliance(CPA), PIGSA Katribu, Anakbayan ken Kalumaran ket nakipaset iti dakkel a protesta a lumablaban iti imperyalista nga US-Duterte idi Nobyembre 9-14, 2017 idiay Manila.

Cordillera joins ASEAN protest

MANILA — “We came all the way from the Cordilleras to register our call to stop imperialist attacks against our people and our land,” said Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA)’s Sarah Dekdeken.

Editorial: The ASEAN and indigenous peoples

But who really benefits from this liberalized trade and investments and multiple infrastructure projects being planned and implemented all over the ASEAN region? Clearly it is the rich private corporations with money to invest that are reaping the profits of ASEAN economic integration.