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EDITORIAL | Are we a democracy or a dictatorship?

The country first before any self serving interests to enrich individuals or business conglomerates against supporting public interests for health, education, safety, food security, etc. Let us go for governance for the people, of the people and by the people – democracy, not for another local or national or wanna be tyrant, or dictatorship.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Tale of two Philippine nation

Indeed, akin to the Tale of Two Cities, a novel by Charles Dickens, the Philippines is at the best and worst of times and is close to the apex throes of a chasm where a new Philippines which truly serves its populace will supersede a decadent Philippines which only benefits those ala-royalties of Paris of old.

POETRY | Didigra

“Alam mo sir, sa totoo lang, kung pinalitan ninyo ‘yung mga pari diyan, hindi magbagsak ‘yang simbahan na ‘yan. Bobo kasi itong mga pari, mga putang ina.” Rodrigo Duterte/ Pangulo ng Pilipinas

DARANUDOR TI ILOCANDIA | Alsa iti sao nga Ilokano

Itagbattayon iti bato: Nga idi Oktubre 18, 2018 ket nangrugin ti makunkuna nga Alsa iti Sao nga Ilokano.

Lawlawagantayo daytoy: a daytoy nga aldaw ket aldaw ti panagalsa dagiti Ilokano tapno iti kasta ket irupirda ti kalinteganda iti bukodda a lengguahe, panagirupir a kontra kadagiti minamaag nga aramid dagiti mangidadaulo koma iti pannakapabaknang daytoy a pagsasao ken aminen a pagsasao iti sibubukel a pagilian.

ALL THAT FITS | Rise up and resist tyranny

Activism embodies the very same positive values practiced by our ancestors during the Chico and Cellophil struggle—and many other struggles of our people thereafter. That we must nobly defend our land, life and honor and that we must rise up when life is threatened—these are services to the ili/people for the greater good.