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The Malibcong bombings

Barangay Buanao in Malibcong town of the province of Abra was recently shaken by a bombing run by the AFP and on going military operation since March 14, 2017.

Video: Martsa Amianan protest against militarization at AFP HQ

In this video, Martsa Amianan, the North Luzon contingent of the Peoples Campaign Against APEC and Imperialist Globalization (PCAIG), held a protest action at Camp Aguinaldo, the headquarters of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Their main call is the end of militarization and the pull-out of military troops from their lands.

Video: Myth of Mine Safety

Vicente Dilem, former miner at Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation and presently coordinator of Kilusang Mayu Uno in the Cordillera, talks about the unsafe practices of mining companies.

Video: Northern Luzon’s 3 reasons to fight the APEC

The greed of capitalism has focused on taking away the resources of the Filipino indigenous peoples. Now being forced into a corner for a last stand the Indigenous peoples are marching to the Capital City to show the APEC delegates and leaders they mean to stand strong “for the defense of our resources, our environment and our culture”.

Video: First aid training for Martsa Amianan participants

The Community Health Services and Training in the Cordillera region (Chestcore) held a First Aid Training for selected participants of the Martsa ti Amianan last November 12, 2015. The Martsa ti Amianan is a North Luzon wide protest action that will be joined by different people’s organizations in Northern Luzon.