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Philhealth not the answer to ailing public health system

“In as much as we hate to pop the bubble, we have to be true to ourselves and make the public know that Philhealth as a solution to the problem of health care inaccessibility is a mere illusion,” Dr. Eleanor A. Jara, Executive Director of CHD pointed out.

Farmers score lack of support in Avian virus breakout in Ilocos

VIGAN CITY — Solidarity of Peasants Against Exploitation (STOP Exploitation) said that the extent and massive death mostly of native chickens and turkeys caused by the New Castle Disease Virus, locally known a pangok is the result of the government’s lack of support for backyard raisers and farmers for veterinary supplies and technology.

Inayud, battling the desolate state of health services

TINOC, IFUGAO — In a far-flung village of this town, a mother cries for help as she is expecting her water bag to break any hour in the evening. Her women neighbors call for the able bodied men to prepare the ayud or the hammock made of blanket fastened to sturdy wood or bamboo. They will transport the mother by way of the hammock to the barangay health station. Women in the village gather at the health station to accompany the mother in labor. Throughout the labor hours, women rotate shifts as they ensure that the mother about to deliver is not left alone. This has been a practice among the Kalanguya in this particular village for quite a long time.

Kidney patients slam hospital’s pusong bato

QUEZON CITY — “Pusong Bato,” Heart of stone. This is how hemodialysis patients tagged the administration of National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) two days before Valentine’s Day in a protest action in front of the hospital’s gate, February 12, 2016.

Envi advocates urge closure of hospital dumpsite

VIGAN CITY, Ilocos Sur – Environmental advocates in the province expressed their concern and urged the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur (PGIS) to close a medical waste disposal site in Barangay Paing, Bantay.

People with HIV can normally live longer

BAGUIO CITY — Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive Faustine Luell Angeles Jr. said that people should research well about HIV before making judgment and talking about it and mislead the public.

Video: First aid training for Martsa Amianan participants

The Community Health Services and Training in the Cordillera region (Chestcore) held a First Aid Training for selected participants of the Martsa ti Amianan last November 12, 2015. The Martsa ti Amianan is a North Luzon wide protest action that will be joined by different people’s organizations in Northern Luzon.

Chestcore, med students introduce alter medicine

BAGUIO CITY — This October, fourth year students of the Saint Louis University School of Medicine (SLU-SOM) and the Community Health, Education, Services and Trainings in the Cordillera Region (Chestcore) continued hopping to various communities to introduce and administer alternative medicine like malunggay powder and lagundi syrup, that they have made and tested.

Gov’t deprives Cagayan IPs of health services

BAGUIO CITY — Despite the claims of President Benigno Aquino III of progress in the public healthcare system, many communities still suffer for poor delivery of health care services like in Zinundungan Valley, Rizal town in Cagayan province.

Patients fear high fees at new dialysis center

BAGUIO CITY — Fr. Richard Justo of Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center Dialysis Patients and Partners Association Inc. (BGHMC-DPPAI) fear that the they will have to pay higher fees especially for every session in the new dialysis center of the said hospital.

Diaries From The Field: The wonders of acupuncture

Lately, I started sit-up exercises to reduce my abdominal fat. But instead of achieving a desirable outcome, I ended up injuring my lower back. For some weeks, I cannot bend, sit for a long time, and move freely because of my back ache. I cannot even ride a jeep because I cannot bend nor sit without support. Because of this, I tried to avail the services of a mangngilot to relieve my back aches somehow, however, I cannot continue with the schedule because of my busy calendar.

BGHMC notes increase in HIV cases

BAGUIO CITY — The increasing number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) cases the Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center (BGHMC) has diagnosed maybe shocking news but it also is a good indicator that more and more people are now aware enough to seek medical assistance.