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City dads approve experimental carless Monday

BAGUIO CITY – The Baguio City council approved an experimental carless Monday within the City Hall premises beginning this August on every fourth Monday of the month as part of the city’s contribution to environmental protection.

Statements: Conserve and protect the environment by pursuing just peace

We welcome the recent announcement of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the resumption of the formal peace negotiations before the end of June. Both panels also deserve recognition for their fortitude to iron-out issues stalling the negotiations during the back-channel talks.

Pangasinan town opposes coal-fired plant

Officials of Labrador town expressed their opposition to the construction of the P47-Billion, 1000 MW plant in Barangay Baquioen, Sual. On April 23, the sangguniang bayan unanimously adopted Resolution No. 025-2018 and was immediately approved by Mayor Dominador Arenas the following day.

Naguilian dam, saan kayat ti umili

“Anannoenmi ti trabaho ken dagiti ibagbagana a libre no awan metten ti pagbalayanmi, no mapukawen ti kangrunaan a pagtataudan ti pagbiagmi, no ti proyekto met ket ipapataymi,” kuna ni Erlinda de Leña, residente ti Brgy. Bimmotobot, Naguilian mainaig ti maipasdek a hydropower dam.

Methodist church supports IP’s rejection of NIA project

The congregation said that their action is anchored on their purpose to “seek to remain responsive to the call of God to love Him and to love other people.” They emphasized that the government is responsible to ensure the “just and peaceful sharing” of the natural resources, and development “must be for everyone” and “respect basic human rights.”

Gapu iti Harabas, tulong kiddaw ti mannalon

“Rinibribu a mannalon ti sibuyas ti apektado iti intero a Pangasinan gapu iti panagatake ti Harabas. Adu kanyami ti awan ti nagmaayan ti halos uppat a bulan a nagbanbanugan ken tinartaripatomi a sibuyas,” kuna ni Roberto Fernandez ti Namnama iti Filipino.