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Teachers express concern over suicides

VIGAN CITY — Public school teachers in Ilocos region expressed concern over the series of suicides among their colleagues, widely believed to be driven by work-related stress.

Cordi NGO hails approval of 100-day maternity leave

BAGUIO CITY — A pioneering women’s rights and welfare institution in the city hailed the passing of House Bill No. 4113 that seeks to give 100 days of paid maternity leave to workers in private and public establishments as a “victory to the women’s movement”.

Cyberspace, battleground for (dis)information

BAGUIO CITY — Today when the battleground for information dissemination is in the cyber space, people must be digitally literate to be able to discern truth from lies, a top rank government information officer

PNP arrests suspect in Abra bombing

BAGUIO CITY — The Abra police has arrested a suspect in the January 25, 2018 grenade blast that killed two policemen and injured 26 people, including Abra Rep. Joseph Bernos and his wife, La Paz Mayor Menchie Bernos during a public gathering.

Env’t NGO ask authorities to ban toxic cosmetics in Baguio

BAGUIO CITY — An environmental group asked the city authorities to curb the sale of beauty products containing toxic metals. On September 3, the EcoWaste Coalition emailed Mayor Mauricio Domogan to report that cosmetic products laden with lead and mercury are sold in some establishments in the city.

Choiced Cuts: Where to with alternative medicine

A medical center practicing alternative medicine was enacted with a closure order by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), on the premise of prescribing and selling concoctions/medicines that are not FDA approved. The said concoctions are in the market since the early 1980’s and it has run into three generations of development, Bostons A thru C. Its efficacy is claimed to come from the coconut oil which is the primary base of the concoction. Acetic Acid as claimed acts as a detoxifying agent and teaches the immune system to battle cancer cells. From their website, they published an article from St. Luke’s Medical Center attesting its therapeutic claims in vitro. Laboratory outcomes are yet to be corroborated by in vivo or live subject studies or research, lest the testimonies of course are from their social media page and website.

Ilocos provinces declare “State of Calamity”

Non-stop and heavy rains brought by the Southwest monsoon last week compelled two Ilocos provinces to declare a ‘state of calamity’. The declaration provides utilization of the local government’s calamity fund to respond to the needs of the affected communities.

Thermal waste-to-energy technology, unsafe and dirty

Environmentalist and scientist here and abroad agree that WtE thermal technologies such as pyrolysis and gasification, while called by many names, in principle are all incinerators that burn materials and release pollutants in the environment.

Heavy rainfall triggers land slips in Amguid

Experts from the Mines and Geosciences Bureau said the continuous precipitation from heavy rainfall is the culprit for the massive land movement in a village in Candon City and recommended immediate forced evacuation within a 75 hectares danger zone.

Green SONA tackles “environmental monsters”

BAGUIO CITY — Environmental advocates across the country gathered at Hotel Albergo in this city on Monday, August 20, for the annual State of the Nature Assessment (Green SONA) organized by Green Convergence (GC). This year’s theme, “Environmental monsters are back; Superheroes needed!” underscored the call for action to protect the environment.

Commentary: Children as victims and fighters

For months now, I have been part of a team preoccupied with a project aiming to give cultural and creative workshops in a disaster-prone, mining community. Enabled by the support and funding of TUKLAS Innovation Labs along with international bodies, the project is being implemented in Loacan, Itogon. As far as I know, of the ten projects in Northern Luzon, this project by Dap-ayan ti Kultura Iti Kordilyera (DKK) is one of the two innovations which have a greater focus on children and the youth. The other project, being implemented by Plot and Play, aims to use board games as educational tools for Disaster Response and Risk Management (DRRM).

Ilocos students hit SUCs’ implem of Free Education Law

LAOAG CITY — Students from State Universities and Colleges across the Ilocos Region still paid various school and department fees ranging from Php50 – P1150 upon enrollment for the school year 2018-2019. This, despite the implementation of the Free Education Law.