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Youthspeak: Millenials: Move on? Never forget!

Both Imee and Bongbong fail to grasp the gravity of what their family did to Filipinos. Martial Law happened decades ago, but Filipinos still suffer from the consequences of Marcos rule.

Ilocos students hit SUCs’ implem of Free Education Law

LAOAG CITY — Students from State Universities and Colleges across the Ilocos Region still paid various school and department fees ranging from Php50 – P1150 upon enrollment for the school year 2018-2019. This, despite the implementation of the Free Education Law.

Little doctors and nurses of Itogon

By QUIMBERLYN RANCHEZ ITOGON, Benguet — Indigenous children here serve as “little doctors and nurses” in their municipality as they take …

Youthspeak: Breaking the stereotypes of student activists

It is the most wonderful thing to see our ates and kuyas with their sablays ready to go up the stage to receive their college diplomas. All their hard work has paid off and they are filled with both dread and anticipation of what’s to come after their life as a student in UP.

Youthspeak: On the SK Reform Law and the upcoming SK elections

The passing of the consolidated SK reform bills into RA 10742 in 2015 is a product of the collective effort of the youth in advancing genuine politics of change. It was born out of the criticisms how SK was transmogrified as breeding grounds for next generations of “trapo”. For the past years, SK has been plagued with issues of corruption, incompetence and inefficiency. With that, Kabataan Partylist is one of those who has vigorously campaigned and filed house bills for necessary reforms in the SK. However, critique on the approved SK reform law is still at hand as it lacks clear provisions for its landmark reforms – the confusing age-bracket that has caused number of aspiring youth be disqualified for SK, the anti-political dynasty provision that sets minimal restrictions making it easy to be circumvented and the lack in its provision on filing up vacancies.

Cordillera youth converge in summit to craft sector’s agenda

The Cordilleran Youth Summit to discuss the sector’s pressing issues and come up with an agenda to be passed to the legislative. Organized by the Cordilleran Youth Center, Progressive Igorots for Genuine Social Action and BIBAK Federation, held a discussion and consultation of the current situation of Cordillera youth.

Youth speak: Nurture and defend

By LIZA OCHAMA K. LABBAGAN “Let me share a little poetic story in the fields of pay-yew where the heart of …

Youth speak: Igorotak latta!

Cordillera Day celebration taught me that indigenous culture survives as part of the Igorots’ long history of protecting ancestral lands. Back then, I wasn’t exactly proud of being Igorot, but I didn’t deny it either. With all that I have learned, I came to embrace my ethnicity.

Teachers hold IPED consultation in Cordillera Day

With the rampant discrimination and misrepresentation of the IPs’ history and culture in textbooks and mainstream media, a big challenge is posed to the teachers and educators to work together in battling misinformation and providing an IP education that genuinely teaches the rich history of the IPs.

Progressive youth lead 25th Kaigorotan Youth Week

BAGUIO CITY — On the theme, “Tignay Agtutubo: Living the tradition of courage and unity, advancing the struggle for land, life and resources!”, Kaigorotan Youth Week (KYW) was observed with a month-long series of activities this March. Cordilleran Youth Center (CYC), Progressive Igorot for Social Action (PIGSA) and BIBAK Federation led the KYW collaborating with different schools, indigenous youth organizations and the Baguio City Council’s Committee on Education, Culture and Historical Research headed by Hon. Peter Fianza.