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Women’s Front: Defend the rights of the people, women and children

“If we stop defending our rights because of fear from the harassments and intimidation being perpetrated by state security forces upon us then we might as well be dead.” This was a statement by one of the women leaders who attended the Women Human Rights Defenders training workshop for Cordillera women held on September 9 to 10 in Diliman, Quezon City.

Statements: Women for welfare, not warfare!

When President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, women’s hopes for change was high. However, he immediately showed his misogynist face when he cat called a media professional. We criticized him but our hope remains when he bravely challenged the imperialist United States (US), which was never done by any president before. But as he unfolded, his assiduous tongue against the US seemed forgotten while more and more atrocities are now faced by Cordillera women.

Women’s Front: Livelihood programs and urban poor women

Baguio City has become a favorite destination not only for local and international tourists but also for those in search of better jobs and better quality of life in general. They flock into the city not only from the rural indigenous communities of the region but also from other parts of the country. However, for a majority of them, the city is unyielding and as cruel as the reality which they tried to escape from. They continue to confront poverty and joblessness on a daily basis. Jobs are scarce, not to mention that these are often seasonal, if not contractual, and are insufficient sources of income especially if you don’t have the necessary requirements – diploma, experience and of course, pleasing personality.

Students slam HOR passage of death penalty bill

BAGUIO CITY – A protest action was held in the University of the Philippines – Baguio (UPB) last March 7 to express the students’ dismay over the ongoing cases of state-perpetrated violence, in light with the decision of the House of Representatives to reinstate the death penalty.

Cagayan raises peace, women’s rights

By GABRIELA-CAGAYAN VALLEY (PR) TUGUEGARAO CITY — In celebration of the International Women’s Day (IWD), the Gabriela Women’s Alliance and its …

Statements: Ipaglaban ang trabaho, lupa, katarungan at kapayapaan

Tatak ng kasaysayan ng Marso 8 ang militanteng pagtindig ng kababaihan laban sa pagsasamantala. Iniluwal ito ng paglaban ng manggagawang kababaihan para sa karapatan sa walong (8) oras na trabaho, maayos na kalagayan sa paggawa, sapat na sahod at laban sa child labor.

Weekly Reflections: A woman named Maria

March 8 is International Women’s Day. It is time for us to remember the more than a hundred women who were burned to death in New York City many years ago and to promise that never again women would be treated this way. Women were hired to work in a garment factory in that American city and the owner had to padlock them inside the factory for fear that they might steal. Unfortunately, there was a fire and the women workers inside were mercilessly turned into ashes.

Economic condition breeds VAWC — NDFP

BAGUIO CITY — In response to a comment that some women are willing prostitutes, Connie Ledesma said that no woman will enter into prostitution just because she loves to be prostituted.