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Women’s Front: Understanding discrimination and violence vs women (3/3)

Sadly, inspite of the fact that Philippines being a signatory to various UN declarations advancing women’s rights; where several laws have been passed to address the various forms of VAW (Anti-rape Law, Anti Sexual harassment Act, Anti VAWC Law) and the enactment of the Magna Carta of Women (RA 9710), said to be a landmark law that would supposedly address women’s multiple issues, these efforts have not really substantially resolved the unequal status of women vis-a-vis men in the Philippines. A lot is still wanting.

Women’s Front: Understanding discrimination and violence vs women (2/3)

This historical process resulted in the creation of the image of the double faced Filipina — on one side, the meek, weak and subservient woman personified by Maria Clara and on the other side the prostitute and temptress embodied by Magdalena. On one hand, is the women sheltered inside the home whose role is to serve the husband and bring about children who would later become his heirs and on the other hand the “liberated” woman illustrated as a sex symbol whose body can be used to sell products or bought with a hefty price more so if she can stimulate and excite the imagination of the male onlookers.

Women’s Front: Understanding discrimination and violence vs women (1/3)

Violence Against Women (VAW) in its different forms are gender-based abuses that target women in particular because of how they are viewed in society. It is one of the most palpable manifestations of women’s unequal status in relation to men in our society. Although VAW is usually perpetrated by males, it must be clear that VAW happens not because of the ridiculous belief that men are naturally violent and aggressive. The problem has its origin in our history, when the subjugation of women emerged in our society. It is systemic and deeply entrenched in the socio-cultural and political systems where both men and women accept the inequalities as realities of life.

Research group finds Train Law as anti-women

BAGUIO CITY — Women all across the country might not have the capacity to celebrate International Women’s Month as keeping up a household becomes a far more difficult task due to higher prices of goods and services.

Statements: Manindigan para sa kabuhayan at karapatan

Nahaharap ngayon sa malalaking hamon ang kababaihan. Inaatake ang ating pagkababae at pagkamamamayan. Inaatake ang ating kabuhayan at karapatan sa ngalan ng mga maka-dayuhan at anti-mamamayang polisiyang neoliberal ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

Women’s Front: Women’s courage continue the fight for human rights

Ina Dolores, at age 76, has proven that age need not be a limit to becoming a woman human rights defender. She has proven that an Igorot woman of Hungduan Ifugao, a mother, a grandmother can have the courage to fight against state oppression not just for the benefit of her own children but for others as well.

Innabuyog forum on VAW at SLU

BAGUIO CITY — Innabuyog, an alliance of indigenous women’s organizations in the Cordillera, conducted a “Violence Against Women” (VAW) forum, as part of the week-long celebration of Political Science Academic Society’s annual Political Science Week bearing the theme “Social and Political Injustices: We Raise Awareness and We Partake,” held at Saint Louis University (SLU), Baguio City last November 17.

Statements: Women rage against tyranny

As we commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (IDEVAW), Innabuyog rages against the intensifying attacks on women human rights defenders in the Cordillera region.

Women’s Front: Defend the rights of the people, women and children

“If we stop defending our rights because of fear from the harassments and intimidation being perpetrated by state security forces upon us then we might as well be dead.” This was a statement by one of the women leaders who attended the Women Human Rights Defenders training workshop for Cordillera women held on September 9 to 10 in Diliman, Quezon City.

Statements: Women for welfare, not warfare!

When President Rodrigo Duterte assumed office, women’s hopes for change was high. However, he immediately showed his misogynist face when he cat called a media professional. We criticized him but our hope remains when he bravely challenged the imperialist United States (US), which was never done by any president before. But as he unfolded, his assiduous tongue against the US seemed forgotten while more and more atrocities are now faced by Cordillera women.

Women’s Front: Livelihood programs and urban poor women

Baguio City has become a favorite destination not only for local and international tourists but also for those in search of better jobs and better quality of life in general. They flock into the city not only from the rural indigenous communities of the region but also from other parts of the country. However, for a majority of them, the city is unyielding and as cruel as the reality which they tried to escape from. They continue to confront poverty and joblessness on a daily basis. Jobs are scarce, not to mention that these are often seasonal, if not contractual, and are insufficient sources of income especially if you don’t have the necessary requirements – diploma, experience and of course, pleasing personality.