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professionals, general employees’ concerns

Health alliance pushes for mental health law

Mental Health has become a top concern in many parts of the world at present and that increase in mental health problems have been observed even in third-world countries like the Philippines.

STATEMENT | Duterte regime’s attack on schools incite doubt on education

Education, without question and as inscribed in the Philippine Constitution, is key to nation-building. It is necessarily grounded on the principle of academic freedom to enable it to be instrumental in the development of the citizens’ full potentials so that they may be a force for social transformation.

Solons join Teachers’ National Day of Action

On World Teachers’ Day and National Teachers’ Day, ACT Teachers Party-List Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro will march to Mendiola along with about 2,000 teachers who will stage a protest action against the overworked yet underpaid status of teachers amidst TRAIN-induced inflation.

Teachers express concern over suicides

VIGAN CITY — Public school teachers in Ilocos region expressed concern over the series of suicides among their colleagues, widely believed to be driven by work-related stress.

Four Walls And Beyond: Overworked and underpaid

The story of the young teacher who took her life to get away from the stressful and enormous workload has been a hot topic circulating on social media in the past few days. Her colleagues even launched a “Justice” Facebook page where expressions of grief and sympathies flooded. They were seeking justice while ranting against piles of paper work the DepEd has been requiring. They also expressed concerns that if their sentiments were left unattended, such incident would happen again in the future.

Four Walls and Beyond: A Genuine Teacher’s Union is Militant, Progressive and Patriotic

The emergence of DepEd Teachers Union-National Capital Region is nothing more than a state’s maneuver amid its policy to demolish legitimate people’s organizations, but something that our teachers shall be more vigilant with, and be firm in their stance against deceptions that imply their basic demands for living wage will come effortlessly courtesy of the misogynist despot.

ACT-CAR adds relevance to Teacher’s Month

BAGUIO CITY — For the Alliance of Concerned Teachers-Cordillera, one of the most relevant components in the celebration of National Teachers’ Month and World Teachers’ Day, is the provision of a venue for teachers to reflect on their situation as education workers in terms of their salaries, benefits and welfare and how these can be upgraded so that they can effectively continue to play their significant role.

Teachers, education officials forge unities

BAGUIO CITY — Teacher representatives from the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) led by National Secretary-general Raymond Basilio and officials of the Department of Education (DepEd) here led by Regional Director Dr. Beatriz Torno reached substantive agreements during a courtesy call and dialogue on December 12, 2016.

K12’s toll on teachers

BAGUIO CITY — “Bakit ka magke-K12 kung nagwo-work naman yung dati nating system?” said Molly (not her real name), a professor in the University of the Philippines Baguio.

Health sector’s unity walk for meaningful change (Baguio City)

Around 100 Nurses, Student Nurses, and Health Workers participated in the Unity Walk for Meaningful Change today, July 3, 2016. The Unity Walk for Meaningful Change was a concerted effort of Philippine Nurses Association CAR and Baguio Chapter, ADPCN and Alliance of Health Workers. The activity was a show of support for the Duterte’s administration vow to end contractualization.