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Editorial: Assault on IP rights, ancestral domain

The area blown up by military personnel under the National Task Force Mining Challenge (NTFMC) last February 14 may have been defined as within the municipal boundaries of Tuba, Benguet but, for the longest time, it is also being been claimed by Baguio City and specifically the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has also been trying to ease out any private claims, legitimate or illegitimate, over this area.


SADANGA, Mountain Province — “Amin a parikut iti nagbaetan dagiti umili nu matungtong babaen iti nainkappiaan ken nainhustisyaan a wagas ket masolbar.” (All conflict between communities, if settled in a peaceful and just manner, can be resolved.) This was the message of Pangat Abraham Battawang of the Movement for the Advancement of Inter-Tribal Unity and Development (MAITUD) in the Kinnabsatan held on December 9 in Saclit, Sadanga.

MP folk resolve dispute the traditional way

BONTOC, Mountain Province — Once again, the people of Barangays Saclit and Bikigan in the Municipality of Sadanga and Barangays Poblacion and Kayan in the municipality of Tadian prove that issues can be effectively resolved immediately in the traditional way.

Baguio progressives gear for IP month

BAGUIO CITY — Progressive groups in the city are set to celebrate October as the National Indigenous Peoples (IP) month in a two-day activity at the Avong Ibaloi Heritage Park here.

Ibaloy elders hit NCIP anew

BAGUIO CITY — Members of the council of elders of Ibaloy ancestral land claimants in Baguio asserts that there is no need for the conduct of yet another assembly for the selection of an indigenous people’s mandatory represenatative (IPMR) to the city council and called on the the National Commision on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) regional director to affirm the IPMR they have selected.

Editorial: The indecisiveness of the NCIP

Officers in the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) must be cringing with shame and mediocrity, recognizing the disservice they cause for the Igorots of Baguio (Ibaloy, Mountain Province, Kalinga, Abra, Ifugao, Apayao) as their office continues to be indecisive to formally recognize in writing the selected Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative (IPMR) of Baguio who was legitimately chosen by mandated processes, by the national and local guidelines under their strict supervision, and officially documented by them. Or simply deny him that right to represent his mandate, his people to the city council in writing.

Metro Baguio elders uphold IPMR

BAGUIO CITY — On the note, “Boses ni karadan en onong”. (the voice of the people is law) elders from the Igorot communities of Baguio convened an assembly for the purpose of updating and deciding on the issues being raised by some quarters on the non-affirmation of the selected indigenous peoples mandatory reprsentative (IPMR) to the City council of Baguio was called Saturday, September 23.

Ilocandia Rumblings: No honor lost in G-string clad protesters

I am dedicating my column for this issue to the Lakbayanis, to the Igorots of the Cordillera. They, who endured the hot and bustling atmosphere of the National Capital Region, away from the cold and green environment they are accustomed to. As the song goes – bannog, puyat ken bisin… tudo, pudot ken lamin… they have withstood all, to deliver the message of resistance against national oppression, tyranny and plunder.

Sandugo condemns Duterte admin

MANILA — In the 2nd assembly of Sandugo, national minorities (NMs), or Indigenous peoples and moros from all over the country condemned the Duterte administration for turning its back on his campaign promises and unleashing fascist attacks on their communities.

Igorots, Moros, Lumads seek to abolish NCIP

QUEZON CITY — Igorots with other indigenous peoples and Moros trooped to the House of Representatives today, September 5 to ask congress representatives to disapprove the budget for and abolish the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).

Kaigorotan joins Lakbayan, condemns Duterte regime’s fascist attacks

MANILA — Be it under the scorching mid day sun or afternoon rainshowers, hundreds of Igorots who were among more than 3,000 strong national minorities marched from Blumentritt to Bonifacio Shrine calling for an end to Martial Law in Mindanao, to state fascism and development aggression on August 31 to mark the start of the Lakbayan ng Pambansang Minorya 2017.

Karit iti akem ti IP elders itatta

Maysa kadagiti nasapa nga kampanya (mid 1980’s) ti tignayan ti umili ti Kordilyera ti panagmaymaysa iti Kordilyera kas maysa nga rehyon imbes nga nagudwa iti Ilocos ken Cagayan Valley. Nairuswat daytoy ti nailyan demokratiko nga tignayan iti Kordilyera ket naabot ti nalawa (broad) nga suporta saan laeng iti kaaduwan nga sector ken umili, pati kadagiti propesyunal ken pulitiko.