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Editorial: Resume peace talks

The year 2017 ends today on a roller coaster of seemingly karmic events. The Davao mall inferno and a major vehicular accident in La Union with huge casualties followed the disastrous typhoons Urduja and Vinta with epic effects respectively in Biliran and in Lanao. The human life disastrous war on drugs has further divided the nation. And instability within government is marked by endless corruption charges now even involving the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Church must not lose hope, push for peace talks

BAGUIO CITY — Padi Rex Reyes, secretary general of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) called on everyone, especially church people not to lose hope and instead push for the continuation of the Peace Talks as President Rodrigo Duterte unilaterally dismisses the Peace Talks.

Statements: On Duterte’s ‘shoot NPAs’ order

CPA strongly condemns the president’s order to shoot NPAs as this is a violation of due process and rule of law. We must not forget that the peace talks is not yet officially terminated if there is no official notice by the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDPF). Hence, the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG) should be respected.

Bandillo: Proclamation 360

Now it can be told. Since August, GRP and NDFP Panel members, have been holding informal back-channel meetings to salvage the stalled peace talks. No media releases. No fanfare.

NMs closely monitor peace negotiations

QUEZON CITY — The national minorities are keenly monitoring the developments of the peace negotiations between the Government of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) especially the discussions on the Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER).

Statements: Address the roots of the armed conflict, 25 years of The Hague Joint Declaration

Twenty-five years ago, a short document was signed by some visionary Filipinos. The Hague Joint Declaration signified an entry into the daring work of peace-building in the Philippines, shifting the dialogue and framing the peace process between the National Democratic Front in the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in a helpful way.

Cagayan Valley advocates walk for peace

SANTIAGO CITY — Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI), with the United Church of Christ Philippines (UCCP), Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform (PEPP), Episcopal Church in the Philippines (ECP) and Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Cagayan Valley, headed the Walk for Peace cum Peace Summit last July 26 at Reina Mercedes, Isabela. They demanded for the government to continue the negotiations for peace and to end martial law in Mindanao.

Bandillo: Will the GRP-NDFP peace talks ever resume?

“Give me a piece of paper. I will write it for you. Give it to them,” Duterte told reporters at the sidelines of the 113th founding anniversary celebration of the Bureau of Internal Revenue. He is responding to the query about the prospect of talks with the National Democratic Front

People’s woes worse under Duterte — NPA Kalinga

KALINGA — The local command of the New People’s Army (NPA) here denounced the ‘continuing crisis of the masses’ as President Rodrigo Duterte marks his first year with his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 24.