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From Under This Hat: “Law should matter”, and be practiced to ensure democracy

The incisive discourse of Associate Justice Marvic Leonen at the University of Baguio (NORDIS, September 13, 2015, p.8); challenged the audience of lawyers and law students to “ have the passion and the courage to do right by our people.” The challenge is most appropriate in our Philippine context wherein “what is stated in law is not what is always practiced”. And this is because of the entrenched and reality of Philippine society where “the dominant social standpoint comes from the landlords and bourgeoisie compradors of the ruling class”.

Sagada elders press council forlaw to protect traditions

BAGUIO CITY — A post wedding photo shoot at a burial cave pushed local officials of Sagada, Mountain Province to hasten the passage of a local legislation to ensure the protection of indigenous’ sacred places and practices of this upland tourist town.

Lawyers seek to amend Marcos’ ECC law

By ARTHUR L. ALLAD-IW BAGUIO CITY — With the reports of massive destruction of the environment by individual and corporate interests …

Rep. Aliping breaks silence

By ROCKY NGALOB BAGUIO CITY — Representative Nicasio Aliping Jr. in his first year accomplishment report State of the Congress Address …