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Statements: Martial Law idi ken ita, saan a nagduma

Uppat a pulo ken lima (45) a tawen ti napalabas manipud indeklara ti dati a diktador Ferdinand Marcos idi Setyembre 21, 1972 ti Martial Law. Daytoy a nasipnget a paset ti pakaistoryaan ti mangipaneknek ti pasismo ti estado, todo-todo a ranggas a saan makatao; ken ti nakalkaldaang a resulta na daytoy ti mangipalagip iti nagbalin a panaglaban ti umili para kadagiti demokratiko a karbengan ken pagsayaatan da.

Weekly Reflections: Worship no other God but me

On September 21, 1972, then Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law in our country in the guise “to save the republic and reform society.” But, what happened in the more than a decade of Marcos Rule was the very opposite of what the regime had claimed to do and to be. Our country was plunged into the long dark nights of fascist rule, where crying and weeping of widows and orphans were heard all over the land amidst the sarcastic laughter and merriment of the powers-that-be feasting lavishly on the riches and beauty of our motherland.

IP youth vs Martial Law in Mindanao

BAGUIO CITY — Indigenous youth leaders across the country called on President Rodrigo Duterte to lift Martial Law in Mindanao and to stop development aggression and militarization of their communities.

Editorial: Martial Law affects all Filipinos

Pres. Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao on May 23, 2017 allegedly as a response to terrorist acts by the Maute group in Lanao del Sur especially in Marawi City. He later also threatened to impose martial law nationwide.

Iskedyul ken rekisitos iti panangala iti Martial Law claims

Dagiti isagana iti panangala iti cash card/claims: 1) Acknowledgment Receipt, inted ti claims board staff idi nagsubmitar ti aplikasion para iti reparasyon idi 2014 ken 2015. Addaan daytoy ti docket number, 2) Notice of Resolution ken xerox copy daytoy, 3) Maysa a valid/government issued identification card (ID), ken 4) Maysa a 1×1 a ritrato a maidekket iti form ti Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP).

Parsial a listaan ti Martial Law claimants ti Northern Luzon

BAGUIO CITY — Inruar ti Human Rights Victims’ Claims Board (HRVCB) iti facebook (FB) account ken website-da idi Mayo 2017 ti parsial a listaan ti 4,000 eligible claimants a biktima ti martial law. Adda 75,730 ti nangipila ti aplikasion idi 2014-2015 ngem 4,000 pay laeng ti naipinalda. Ti listaan iti baba ket innala ti Samahan ng Ex-detainees Laban sa Dentensiyon at Aresto – Northern Luzon (SELDA-NL) manipud iti 4,000 dagiti taga-Amianan a Luzon tapno mapakaammuan dagiti claimants ditoy nangruna dagiti awan ti access-da iti facebook ken internet.