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All That Fits: Pananglagip – Rafael Marcus Bangit

In one of the many tributes to Rafael Markus Bangit in June 2006, Carol Galvez read a speech (that flowed like a poem) written in honor of human rights defender Shirin Ebadi. “For the man who is all man” she said. That day it was for Makoy, pangat and activist elder.

Ina Tannao, a Cordillera pangat and warrior

By KIMBERLIE NGABIT-QUITASOL BONTOC, Mountain Province —Today, May 31, Petra “Ina Tannao” Macliing, a pioneering indigenous woman leader who stood against …

Kalinga honors Mother Talin

By FROILAN WANAGON TABUK CITY — The peoples movement spearheaded by Cordillera Peoples Alliance Kalinga Chapter offered a final tribute to …

Baguio dads ask banks to allow PWDs to open accounts

BAGUIO CITY — Reports that there are banks in Baguio City that do not accommodate visually impaired persons who wish to open bank accounts because they cannot affix their signatures prompted city legislators to pass a resolution urging all banks in Baguio to allow without discrimination the application of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) especially the blind in opening their accounts.

Eulogy for Mother Petra Macliing

Mother Petra did not allow herself to be limited by the traditional stereotypes circumscribed by society on women. Widowed early, she successfully raised her seven daughters as a single parent. She was a farmer of organic rice and vegetables. To augment her income, she set up a sari-sari store. And although she had not gone to school, she was able to earn enough so that she was able to send all of her seven daughters through school all the way to university. Even when she had already reached an advanced age, she was still interested to enrol in an adult literacy and numeracy class to improve her basic skills.

As The Bamboos Sway: An Igorot Veteran’s Story

This Memorial Weekend, I feel it fitting to give tribute to my father-in-law, who, as far as I know, must be the first Igorot from his Bontoc tribe in the Cordilleras to have joined the United States Navy. Unless someone or somebodies claim otherwise, in my personal record, my father-in-law was the first ever to have done so. And Those were the times in the 1930s when Filipinos were recruited to the US Navy only to paint the sides of the ships, shine the shoes of the officers, peel potatoes, work the food galleys, or just walk the dogs of the officers’ wives; and had a glass ceiling above their heads that they could not rise above the ranks beyond E2s who were relegated to the jobs I just mentioned.

Innadal iti lengguahe nga Ilokano, naangay

BAGUIO CITY — Naangay ti Talastasan kenni Dr. Aurelio Solver Agcaoili idi Abril 5-6, 2018 idiay University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB). Lima a topiko ti inyadalna kadagiti estudiante ti unibersidad, manursuro manipud iti nadumaduma a pagadalan ken dadduma pay nga interesado nga indibidwal. Ti aktibidad ket kas panangselebrar iti National Literature Month ken Ilokano Literature Month.

CPA Ifugao, naibangon manen

LAGAWE, Ifugao — Kalpasan ti agarup 30 a tawen, naisayangkat ti Kongreso ti pamprobinsya a tsapter ti Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) iti Ifugao idi Marso 24 idiay Lagawe.