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From Under This Hat: Taking a stand with Tannaw

Yesterday, after the assembly of the Women’s organization in Mountain Province, a simple but grand tribute was given to the grand (as in great) mother of Bontoc. Compared to the general physique of Igorot women, she radiated unusual strength and was statuesque in her days.

Women’s Front: Mother Petra “Tannaw” Macliing

Petra, as a given name, is the feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word, petros meaning, “stone or rock”. A fitting name for Mother Petra Macliing, who really is like the stone terraces adorning our mountains standing tall with her courage and determination to defend the land that nourishes life – our life.

Statements: Paggunita sa mga martir ng Lacub, Abra

Ang pagbibigay pugay at parangal sa mga martir ay isang rebolusyonaryong tungkulin. Napakahalaga para sa atin na magbalik-tanaw sa kanilang naging buhay, paghihirap, pagsasakripisyo at mga naiambag sa dakilang pakikibaka upang kapulutan natin ito ng aral, inspirasyon at sikhay sa pagsusulong ng digmang bayan.

Si Virgilio at byaheng pakikibaka

SAN MATEO, Isabela — Si Virgilio Lacueba, 29, ay nagmula sa mahirap na pamilya. Pagmamaneho na ang hanapbuhay niya mula pa noong siya ay 16 na taong gulang.

Kalinga adopts DAR chief, Usec

BAGUIO CITY — Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) Secretary Rafael “Paeng” Mariano and his Undersecretary Sylvia Mallari are now officially Ykalinga or children or from Kalinga Province.

As The Bamboos Sway: Roses from my Mom

Columnist’s Note: I am relegating my column for this issue to my brother, Cesar Liporada. I share his thoughts about the passing away of our mother, Rosario Delima Liporada, 23 years ago. My mother hails from the remote mountains of San Fernando, Cebu. At a very young age, she would wake up at dawn and cook rice and viand over a fire of makeshift hearth. She would trek down the mountain trails carrying what she cooked to vend among jeepney drivers and passers-by at the center of the town. She would climb back through the trails at dusk, happy that her load are but the empty pots and jingling coins in her purse and with the determination to do more the following day.

From Under This Hat: Finding out I always had an Ili

The authors for the Baguio History reasearch are finalizing the book this year after a long long hiatus and I am very glad that it is. Following it always makes me go back in time and helps me recognize timelines, milestones and significant or special places in the town I grew up in.

Cordillera Day celebrated in Canada

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, Canada — Cordillerans in Montreal Quebec, Canada successfully staged their 7th Cordillera Day celebration last April 15.