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Benedict Solang, 70

BAGUIO CITY — It is not so often that a person lives a full life. An extraordinary case will be Benedict Pecdasen Solang whose 70 years of living is filled with experiences and achievements, not for himself, but for the advancement of a cause he truly believed in.

Pathless Travels: Ben Solang’s many river crossings

And so for now let me share only a few memorable vignettes about Ben, and insights about growing old like him: gracefully but militantly. Ben, if you are listening right now, and you find a few mistakes in my recollection, please correct me in your typical gentle manner: ipariknam to kanyak madamdama (give me a sign sometime later).

Poetry: To be like you

Who never faltered in commitment
To serve the people,
Who had a reservoir of patience
And belief in the correctness of struggle.

Editorial: Mabuhay, “BS”

Benedict Pecdasen Solang, a member and recently chosen to chair the Board of Trustees of Northern Media Information Network (NMIN), passed away early evening of January 26 after delivering a message on the Cordillera in the book launch of a friend held in Manila. BS as he is fondly called by his colleagues and friends, shall be sorely missed especially because above all he had to do as a grandfather, a brother, a caregiver, a father and a husband, he has been persevering and very patient working and studying with us to make sure we deliver your newspaper with factual relevant content, the best possible way. He is missed and remembered every minute while we worked on this issue.

As The Bamboos Sway: My first dance after Seminary life

As our Saint Louis University Boys High School (SLUBHS) Class ’68 Golden Reunion is approaching this January 26-28, 2018 in Baguio City, my mind is surging with many recollections that I find myself smiling with the thoughts even as I am typing this story.

Weekly Reflections: A Christmas and year-end message 2017

Year 2018 has come! Whenever another year comes, we always consider it a new year. And so, we greet each other, “Happy New Year!” But as we end one year after another it seems that the word new remains an unfulfilled dream. Things remain the same or even worse. The lives of ordinary people are not getting better, despite claims to the contrary. Prices of basic commodities are going up, while the value of human life is going down.

Joanna Cariño, an Ibaloi activist

A true-blue Baguio girl, Joanna is the second eldest of the eight children of Josefina Kintanar Cariño and Atty. Jose Cortes Cariño Jr. She is also among the direct descendants of Mateo and Bayosa Cariño of Kafagway, the traditional owners of Baguio City. Back in her days as a schoolgirl, she excelled academically while attending Baguio Central School and Baguio City National High School. A proud Ibaloi, it is participating in canaos during her childhood, she says, where she learned to dance tayao and ate demshang (roasted pork), pinuneg (blood sausage) and pising (boiled gabi stalks). She proudly wears the Ibaloi divit especially in protests. “We should wear our indigenous attire and dignity in struggle,” she says, amidst current criticism that indigenous attire should not be used in rallies.

From Under This Hat: Peace man!

It does not hurt to dream and look forward to the new year with high hopes but it does when we have to mourn the loss of a loved one or a friend. My late mother’s youngest sister, Rebecca or Ebek has decided to go last Friday evening, and it broke my heart because I knew very well I already missed her very much that angst may last a lifetime.

From Under This Hat: I am an activist

I participated in numerous fact-finding missions to many communities of Northern Luzon that were attacked in military operations that disregarded the lives of the community people. Restricting people in hamlets, encamping in their residences and schools, harassment and sowing terror among the people were the cases that we would document each time. Red-tagging, illegal arrests and fake or forcible surrender would also follow.