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From Under This Hat: I am an activist

I participated in numerous fact-finding missions to many communities of Northern Luzon that were attacked in military operations that disregarded the lives of the community people. Restricting people in hamlets, encamping in their residences and schools, harassment and sowing terror among the people were the cases that we would document each time. Red-tagging, illegal arrests and fake or forcible surrender would also follow.

Mountain Province adopts Liza Maza

BONTOC, Mountain Province — Liza Maza, lead convenor of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), is now an adopted daughter of Mountain Province. She was named Kuliplipan.

LGBTs celebrate victories vs discrimination

BAGUIO CITY — The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community here welcomed the passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance and the progress made in passing its national equivalent, House Bill No. 4982, and called for a continuing education on gender equality in a program and in the pride parade on Sunday, December 3.

From Under This Hat: I am an activist

On this issue, we accommodate Sherry Mae Soledad’s article, a first person account of the widespread reality under the 16 month old dispensation of the present president of the Philippines.

Women’s Front: Binnadang keynote (2/2)

Irusrusuat ti nailian-demokratiko a tignayan ti pannakawayawaya ti babbai iti amin a porma ti panangidadanes ken panaggundaway ti tao iti tao. Adda nagdumaanna daytoy a women’s liberation movement iti burges peminismo a naggapu kadagiti Western nations iti ballasiw-taaw, nga addaan tendensya a mangpadakkel ti kontradiksyon iti baet it babbai ken lallaki.

Cordillera gives tribute to Mother Petra

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Women leaders gathered in Bontoc on September 30 to celebrate the life and struggle of 87-year old Chico Dam protest veteran, Petra Macli-ing. The activity was led by Innabuyog-Gabriela and its Mountain Province chapter, Binnadang.

From Under This Hat: Taking a stand with Tannaw

Yesterday, after the assembly of the Women’s organization in Mountain Province, a simple but grand tribute was given to the grand (as in great) mother of Bontoc. Compared to the general physique of Igorot women, she radiated unusual strength and was statuesque in her days.

Women’s Front: Mother Petra “Tannaw” Macliing

Petra, as a given name, is the feminine form of Peter, which is derived from the Greek word, petros meaning, “stone or rock”. A fitting name for Mother Petra Macliing, who really is like the stone terraces adorning our mountains standing tall with her courage and determination to defend the land that nourishes life – our life.

Statements: Paggunita sa mga martir ng Lacub, Abra

Ang pagbibigay pugay at parangal sa mga martir ay isang rebolusyonaryong tungkulin. Napakahalaga para sa atin na magbalik-tanaw sa kanilang naging buhay, paghihirap, pagsasakripisyo at mga naiambag sa dakilang pakikibaka upang kapulutan natin ito ng aral, inspirasyon at sikhay sa pagsusulong ng digmang bayan.