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As The Bamboos Sway: An Igorot Veteran’s Story

This Memorial Weekend, I feel it fitting to give tribute to my father-in-law, who, as far as I know, must be the first Igorot from his Bontoc tribe in the Cordilleras to have joined the United States Navy. Unless someone or somebodies claim otherwise, in my personal record, my father-in-law was the first ever to have done so. And Those were the times in the 1930s when Filipinos were recruited to the US Navy only to paint the sides of the ships, shine the shoes of the officers, peel potatoes, work the food galleys, or just walk the dogs of the officers’ wives; and had a glass ceiling above their heads that they could not rise above the ranks beyond E2s who were relegated to the jobs I just mentioned.

Innadal iti lengguahe nga Ilokano, naangay

BAGUIO CITY — Naangay ti Talastasan kenni Dr. Aurelio Solver Agcaoili idi Abril 5-6, 2018 idiay University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB). Lima a topiko ti inyadalna kadagiti estudiante ti unibersidad, manursuro manipud iti nadumaduma a pagadalan ken dadduma pay nga interesado nga indibidwal. Ti aktibidad ket kas panangselebrar iti National Literature Month ken Ilokano Literature Month.

CPA Ifugao, naibangon manen

LAGAWE, Ifugao — Kalpasan ti agarup 30 a tawen, naisayangkat ti Kongreso ti pamprobinsya a tsapter ti Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) iti Ifugao idi Marso 24 idiay Lagawe.

Pagpupugay kay Fr. Francisco Paco Albano

Kaisa ng mamamayan at ng naiwang kapamilya, lubos na nagdadalamhati ang mga magsasaka sa pagyao ng mahal nating si Fr. Paco Albano, matapang at walang sawang nagmamalasakit sa interes at kapakanan ng mga magsasaka at tagapagtanggol ng karapatang pantao.

‘Activism is not terrorism’

BAGUIO CITY — Cordillera Peoples Alliance founding member and Martial Law activist Joanna Cariño expresses dissent over her inclusion in Duterte’s terrorist list after receiving Pi Sigma Delta Sorority Baguio’s 8th Gawad Bangan Award during the UP Bagyo: Surge Against Tyranny on Friday, March 23.

Mga manggagawa pinarangalan si Rocky Molintas

Nagpupugay at nagpapasalamat ang Kilusang Mayo Uno kay Atty Rocky Malintas para sa kanyang mga ambag sa pakikibaka ng mga manggagawa at sambayanang Pilipino. Inihahanay namin si Atty. Rocky sa marami pang mga abogadong nagalay ng kanilang husay at talino sa pagsusulong ng interes ng mga manggagawa at mamamayan.

Benedict Solang, 70

BAGUIO CITY — It is not so often that a person lives a full life. An extraordinary case will be Benedict Pecdasen Solang whose 70 years of living is filled with experiences and achievements, not for himself, but for the advancement of a cause he truly believed in.

Pathless Travels: Ben Solang’s many river crossings

And so for now let me share only a few memorable vignettes about Ben, and insights about growing old like him: gracefully but militantly. Ben, if you are listening right now, and you find a few mistakes in my recollection, please correct me in your typical gentle manner: ipariknam to kanyak madamdama (give me a sign sometime later).

Poetry: To be like you

Who never faltered in commitment
To serve the people,
Who had a reservoir of patience
And belief in the correctness of struggle.