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Statements: On Prof. Gill Boehringer

“The detention and imminent deportation of Professor Gill Boehringer to Australia proves yet again President Rodrigo Duterte’s intent to silence the voices of international human rights defenders for the Philippines”, said George Kotsakis, Chairperson of Migrante Australia.

Weekly Reflections: Ate Henie: a servant of God and of the People

Many would call her Ate Henie, but she is more than an Ate to my wife Pearl and I; she is a mother to us in many ways than one. I was still a young seminary student at Union Theological Seminary (UTS) when I first met her. She was then serving as a Kindergarten Teacher in an early childhood school on campus.

Makan a la Pinoy: Chicken-tofu sesame

Para kadagiti manglikliklik iti kolesterol, nasayaat daytoy nga alternatibo a protina. Imbes a karne ti baka wenno baboy ti usaren, agusar ti karne ti manok ken nayunan ti tofu wenno tokwa.

Commentary: Beyond politics: The Social Functions of Protest

On the 23rd, Monday, Typhoon Jocie, who had been dumping bodies of rains in Luzon (especially Central and Northern Luzon) over the weekend made a needed exit. Perhaps used clothes have been piling in every house corner; spin dryers have become a gift and laundry shops confused about having to go to work and peeking at the prospect of profits. It was also on the 23rd that what was already expected to be an eventful day in national politics became even more striking when Gloria Arroyo, who over a decade ago said Hello to Garci, said Hello (even with the audio system off) to the seat of the House Speaker.

Weekly Reflections: Theology of Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is part of a Christian way of life. Our genuine involvement in social issues and concerns should be motivated by faith and not by ideology, although sometimes there is a very thin line between faith and ideology. Faith is sometimes used as an ideology. Besides, ideology is oftentimes given a very bad name.

NL Bishops urge clergy, repent, pray for sinners

BAGUIO CITY— A bishop called on clergymen to follow Christ’s example of praying for sinners especially those who ridicule the church and blaspheme God last Monday the start of a week-long retreat of the Northern Luzon clergy here in the city.

Makan a la Pinoy: Thai Red Curry paste

Duyaw a curry paste ti kaaduan a magatang iti sadino man a tiendaan ditoy Baguio. Sumagmamano laeng ti pakasarakan ti nalabaga a curry. Isu a nasaysayaat no datayon mismo ti agaramid ti curry nga usarentayo. Agusar ti nalabaga a sili para iti red curry paste ken berde wenno saan pay a naluom a sili a sairo wenno siling labuyo para iti green curry paste.

Weekly Reflections: Theology of Holiness

In my own personal visits to the churches, I was a little bit surprised to realize that among the issues raised by some sectors in the church concerning our Seminary was the claim that we are not teaching holiness.

Makan a la Pinoy: Spicy Sujebi soup

Ti sujebi ket tradisional a sopas dagiti Koreano, hand-pulled dough soup wenno namasa nga arina ken naperpersay iti naingpis a malaokan iti nadumaduma a nateng. Kadawyan a maidasar iti matutudo ta nasamay a pampapudot iti bagi.