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Adu a klase ti mabalin nga aramiden a sisig ngem ‘tay orihinal a lapayag ken sungo ti baboy ti aramidentayo itatta. Insaganak daytoy sumagmamano nga aldaw sakbay iti panangselebrar iti panangpasangbay iti baro a tawen. Nasapa ti panangisaganak gaputa mabayag ti agiw-iwa iti babassit, ngem no adda ti food processor-yo ket nanamnam-ay bassit ti biagyo mainaig iti panagtadtadan. Malaksid iti lapayag ken sungo ti baboy, linaokak daytoy iti liempo tapno adda balanse iti taba ken lasag ti baboy.

Baguio discourages would-be buyers of city lot assigned to GSIS

No business enterprise would have its name smeared for having destroyed Baguio’s pine forest beside the Baguio Convention Center for the sake of profit. This emerging view may yet save the man-made pinestand amidst renewed apprehension of city residents and visitors over the refusal of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) to sell the lot to the city so that it be preserved for posterity.

Militant film launched on Human Rights Day commemoration

Tignayan Productions, a local alternative media outfit in Ilocos launched a film inspired by true events that led to the upsurge of the revolutionary movement in the region early evening on December 10, as part of this year’s International Human Rights Day commemoration.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | The Spirit of the Balangiga Bells

Now that the Bells of Balangiga are repatriated to the Philippines, there is a flurry of claims as to who should be credited for their return. Malacanang Palace has the audacity to say that it was only through the “political will” of President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte that the bells will again be hoisted at the Balangiga Church towers in Samar.

The Pangaggawan caves of Kiangan

When in Kiangan town in Ifugao province, apart from visiting the UNESCO inscribed rice terraces and open air museum in Nagacadan village, one should also discover the Pangaggawan Cave in Bolog village, the largest known cave system in Kiangan.

MAKAN A LA PINOY | Lumpia a Shanghai

Naggapu iti China ti lumpia a Shanghai. Ti sao a lumpia ket naggapu iti Hokkien (Chinese) a lunpia. Maibalkot iti lumpia wrapper ti giniling a karne (manok, baboy, baka, pasayan). No dadduma ket malaokan iti ginadgad a carrots ken/wenno tinadtad a bulong ti wansoy (cilantro).