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Makan ala Pinoy: Pinaksiw nga Aba

Naimas ti aba nga ipaksiw a kas iti ipapaksiw a daludal. Ngem gapu ta saan pay a nataengan sakbay a naapit, bassit laeng ti nagbalinanna isu a linaokak ti pallang.

Weekly Reflections: Indigenous Peoples and the Church

October is declared as Indigenous People’s Month in the ecumenical world. This is an opportune time for us to look into our relationship with the indigenous peoples in our country and elsewhere. The story of the Canaanite Woman as recorded in the Gospel according to Matthew could help us in our reflection (15:21-28).

UN hands lifetime award to Igorot woman activist

BAGUIO CITY — An activist with an unwavering commitment to defend indigenous peoples’ rights who has been labelled by the Rodrigo Duterte administration as a terrorist, is given a lifetime achievement award by the United Nations.

Makan a la Pinoy: Taraon a pangpadaruy iti dara

Gagangay a proseso ti bagi ti panagpalet/panagtukel ti dara (blood clotting) a makatulong iti panagsardeng iti panagpadara kadagiti nasugat wenno nadunor. Ngem parikut daytoy kadagiti addaan high blood pressure ken sakit iti puso. Mabalin a manglapped ti blood clot iti panagtaray ti dara iti puso, utek, bara ken dadduma pay a paset ti bagi a no saan a masigud a mataming ket agresulta iti komplikasion.

Weekly Reflections: Children in God’s kingdom

In our church calendar, the month of September is Christian Education and Nurture Emphasis month. This is a time for us to recognize the importance of Christian education and nurture in the total life and witness of the church. I would like to believe that Christian education and nurture has been the source of the strength of Protestant evangelical witness throughout the ages. The moment Christian education and nurture is neglected, church growth will be stunted and her witness to the world will be weakened.

Weekly Reflections: Martial law as a Theological issue

On September 21, 1972, then Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law in our country in the guise “to save the republic and reform society.” However, what happened in more than a decade of Marcos Rule was the very opposite of what the regime had claimed to do. Our country was plunged into long dark nights of fascist rule, where crying and weeping of widows and orphans were heard all over the land amidst the sarcastic laughter and merriment of the powers-that-be, feasting lavishly on the riches and beauty of our motherland.

UCCP bishop, human rights defender laid to rest

BAGUIO CITY — Bishop Emeritus Juan Marigza of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP), a vocal critic of dictator Ferdinand Marcos and staunch human rights defender, was laid to rest on September 12 in his hometown Aringay, in La Union province.

Ibalois used plants to mummify

BAGUIO CITY — Guava is known to be a rich source of vitamin C and a potent antiseptic. Patani on the other hand is rich in protein. But what is not known to many, extracts from these plants were also among those used for mummification in ancient Cordillera.

First Chinese Mid-Autumn Fest set on Sept 22

BAGUIO CITY — The Baguio Filipino-Chinese Community and the Baguio Museum will hold the 1st Baguio Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 22, 5-9 p.m. at the Baguio Museum, Gov. Pack Road.

All That Fits: Surface James Balao

A few days from this writing (September 11) we are already counting 10 years since the abduction of Cordillera activist James Balao on September 17, 2008. We are also counting 10 years of injustice for James, his family, his clan, the Cordillera communities he served and his organisation, the Cordillera Peoples Alliance, of which he was a pioneer.