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STATEMENTS | Diplomats should not spread fake news & become accomplice to human rights abuses

We call upon TECO to seriously examine mistakes you have made in your forwarding fake news and inadvertently taking part in a smear campaign, so that this regrettable incidence will not repeat itself. We also remind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, and officials in all other government agencies who have received this TECO letter to refrain from spreading the fake news purported in it, so as not to aid and abed human rights abuses in the Philippines yourselves.

STATEMENTS | Resist ethnocidal attacks against Philippine indigenous peoples

Attacks in all forms against dissenting IPs from Luzon to Mindanao have escalated as the government implements its age-old witch hunt strategy, now branded as “Red October” under Oplan Kapayapaan. Harassment, illegal arrests, filing of trumped-up charges and killings continue unabated. IPs have no other choice but to fight back.

STATEMENT | Duterte regime’s attack on schools incite doubt on education

Education, without question and as inscribed in the Philippine Constitution, is key to nation-building. It is necessarily grounded on the principle of academic freedom to enable it to be instrumental in the development of the citizens’ full potentials so that they may be a force for social transformation.

Youth Speak: Activists not Terrorists: On the Facebook post of BCPO

The danger in redtagging these organizations is the risk these students and activists are put into. With the anti-insurgency program and the Red October plot, activists become the main target. In schools across the Cordillera, students are subject to thorough bag frisking because of the administration’s fear of a student insurrection, and students are being tagged members of the NPA.

Statements: The Déjà vu of government-backed conspiracies

Using the spectre of communism to scare the Filipino people into quiet submission is a harrowingly similar tactic used by Marcos and the AFP to quell dissent and spread fear. Ferdinand Marcos raised the ‘Red’ scare to prop up his authoritarian rule which was suffering cracks, akin to Duterte’s use of this so-called Red October. Even the protest movement then was rising as the Filipino people called for fundamental change.

Statements: Hold Benguet Corporation accountable for the lost lives and livelihood!

The KAIABANG – Cordillera Peoples Alliance Benguet expresses its deepest condolences to the families and kakailian of our brothers and sisters who lost their lives during typhoon Ompong’s fury. KAIABANG is also in grief over one of the worst tragedies that occurred in the region, which is attributed to corporate mining and greed.

Statements: Let ethics always be our guide

This week, media took a huge, self-inflicted hit at a time when the industry and individual journalists continue to be vilified and threatened by those who would seek to undermine the profession of truth to advance their nefarious agenda.