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Statements: Katarungan sa magkapatid na Mendoza

Malupit at marahas ang pagkakapatay sa magkapatid na Rogelio “Ilyong” at Rolito “Roy” Mendoza, mga mahirap na magsasaka mula sa baryo ng Baliao sa Benito Soliven, probinsya ng Isabela.

Statements: No more decade to waste, surface all desaparecidos immediately

Moreover, the Supreme Court (SC) has recently adopted the June 2017 recommendation of the La Trinidad Regional Trial Court (LT RTC) to put the 9-year case of another desaparecido, James Balao, in archive. The resolution has definitely set the tone of giving-up in the quest for James and justice for his enforced disappearance. James is a former editor-in-chief of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) Outcrop, also a member of CEGP-Cordillera.

Statements: Resist the fascist attacks vs envt defenders

Amianan Salakniban denounces the recent atrocities perpetrated by the 7th Infantry Division (ID) of the Northern Luzon Command with the arrest and illegal detention of five farmers, including a minor, from Kasibu town, in Nueva Vizcaya.

Statements: Fight the US-Duterte Regime’s tyranny

For more than four decades, Marcos and his cronies plundered the coffers and resources of the country while enjoying the protection of state security forces. Martial Law victimized people from all walks of life, but the hardest hit were the poor, the peasants and indigenous peoples – activists who relentlessly fought with their tooth and nail, life and limb until Marcos fell in 1986.

Statements: Martial Law idi ken ita, saan a nagduma

Uppat a pulo ken lima (45) a tawen ti napalabas manipud indeklara ti dati a diktador Ferdinand Marcos idi Setyembre 21, 1972 ti Martial Law. Daytoy a nasipnget a paset ti pakaistoryaan ti mangipaneknek ti pasismo ti estado, todo-todo a ranggas a saan makatao; ken ti nakalkaldaang a resulta na daytoy ti mangipalagip iti nagbalin a panaglaban ti umili para kadagiti demokratiko a karbengan ken pagsayaatan da.

Statements: Paggunita sa mga martir ng Lacub, Abra

Ang pagbibigay pugay at parangal sa mga martir ay isang rebolusyonaryong tungkulin. Napakahalaga para sa atin na magbalik-tanaw sa kanilang naging buhay, paghihirap, pagsasakripisyo at mga naiambag sa dakilang pakikibaka upang kapulutan natin ito ng aral, inspirasyon at sikhay sa pagsusulong ng digmang bayan.

Statements: Quo Vadis, Baguio?

The proposal to construct a multi-level podium parking system at the Burnham Park complex is just a symptom of a larger issue of the quality of governance that is right now being administered in the city.

Statements: Address the roots of the armed conflict, 25 years of The Hague Joint Declaration

Twenty-five years ago, a short document was signed by some visionary Filipinos. The Hague Joint Declaration signified an entry into the daring work of peace-building in the Philippines, shifting the dialogue and framing the peace process between the National Democratic Front in the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) in a helpful way.