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Statements: Manindigan para sa kabuhayan at karapatan

Nahaharap ngayon sa malalaking hamon ang kababaihan. Inaatake ang ating pagkababae at pagkamamamayan. Inaatake ang ating kabuhayan at karapatan sa ngalan ng mga maka-dayuhan at anti-mamamayang polisiyang neoliberal ng rehimeng US-Duterte.

Statements: Alarmed over the worsening attacks on indigenous peoples in the Philippines

We, representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations from various countries in Asia participating in the Asia Preparatory Meeting on UN Mechanisms and Procedures Relating to Indigenous Peoples held from February 28 to March 3, 2018, express alarm over the worsening attacks against indigenous peoples in the Philippines under President Duterte’s tyrannical regime.

Women’s Front: Babbai, labanan ti tiranya!

Selselebraran ti intero a lubong ti Marso 8 kas Sangalubungan nga Aldaw dagiti Babbai tapno bigbigen ti napateg a kontribusyon da iti gimong. Ngem, ammo tau kadi a daytoy tinawen a selebrasyon ket nangrugi kas Sangalubungan nga Aldaw Dagiti Babbai nga Anakling-et ken resulta ti militante a panangilaban dagiti babbai para iti karbengan ken pagimbaganda?

Weekly Reflections: Healing our land

We are living in a sick society. Our society’s illness is not just skin deep; it has seriously infected the very soul of our nation. Despite all our pious claims to be the only Christian nation in the Far East, we are considered to be the second most corrupt nation in Southeast Asia. Graft and corruption is like a cancer that is eating up the moral fiber of our nation. Indeed, our country has become “the sick man of Asia”.

As The Bamboos Sway: Where were you when Marcos was ousted? Where will you be when Duterte is?

I cannot get over the feeling that I missed being within a nodal point of Philippine history – that of being amidst the sea of people at EDSA that faced tanks with bare bodies; gave flowers to soldiers vent to shoot them if ordered to; prayed the rosary in front of phalanx of soldiers ready to pounce on them, and millions more from walks of life of lower strata from those being shooed out of Malacañang – Yes, I missed being in that February 22-25, 1986 episode when the murdering thief dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos and his family had to flee from the wrath of People’s Power, news headlined across nations as the Peaceful “revolution that surprised the world.”

Commentary: Sereno rallying the young blood

Indigenous Peoples’ youth clothed in their Indigenous attire beat a traditional rhythm on Cordillera gongs as Supreme Court Justice, Maria Lourdes Sereno entered the University of Baguio Cardinal’s gymnasium. Legal luminaries from all over Cordillera stood and welcomed Sereno with applause and smiles along with cheers from the College of law students and other youth; along with Non-government representatives. The din of applause and cheers momentarily halted when UB BIBAK Alumni, Gary Donggayao, purified the gymnasium with an indigenous prayer, an “Ugayam”.

Statements: A display of impunity during Panagbenga

February 24, the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution where Baguio City’s people power had a role 32 years ago, coincided with the Panagbenga Flower Festival parade this year. Let’s talk of grand display of creativity and Baguio’s flower power. Let’s talk about a monumental irony – that jarring spectacle of the Marcos siblings Bongbong and Imee flaunting their presence and political agenda.

Youthspeak: Ifugao women strengthen the ub-ubbo

Ub-ubbo is a traditional Ifugao practice to strengthen the unity of women by helping each other. This practice should be nurtured and valued. However, it has eroded mostly due to the cash economy. It is not just the cash economy that has hurt Ifugaos, national policies and programs have adversely impacted their lives. Recently, women came together to listen, understand and each attested to the worsening plight in Ifugao.