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Editorial: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! This is the most common greetings at this time of the year, the most anticipated among all the Christian holidays. It is characterized with bright colorful lights, merry making and gift giving. But more than these, it is more of a promise of redemption and peace. As the Bible says, God sent his only son to save his people and give them life everlasting.

Editorial: Free Sherwin De Vera

In the minds of the people who have known Sherwin as a person, his recent arrest on charges of rebellion, based on four alleged instances of crimes supposedly involving him is simply thrown out, dismissed, or condemned as lies or malicious fabrications. What was dealt him is easily construed as it is factual – the curtailment of the freedom of expression, the denial of his Bill of Rights not only for him as a writer but for other journalists, for activists and for all Filipino citizens especially in Northern Luzon.

Editorial: Struggle for respect of human rights

Today, December 10, is the International Human Rights Day (IHRD). This is the day that the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 1948 adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ever since has been commemorated annually by countries the world over.

Pooled Editorial: November 23

On this day (November 23) eight years ago, a crime that set new records in vileness was committed on a hilltop in Sitio Masalay, Barangay Salman, Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

Editorial: The ASEAN and indigenous peoples

But who really benefits from this liberalized trade and investments and multiple infrastructure projects being planned and implemented all over the ASEAN region? Clearly it is the rich private corporations with money to invest that are reaping the profits of ASEAN economic integration.

Editorial: Stamp out dictators

Some 35 years ago, among the jokes shared then were parallelisms made of a supposed couple-dictator in South America or the fascist Hitler with our own “conjugal dictatorship” who also would have rewritten history the way they would have wanted it, and not the way people carved it.

Editorial: Men without honor

When gentlemen, leaders agree on things but cannot keep their word, they are no gentlemen nor leaders, they are but men without honor.