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Nordis editorials, publishers’ notes

Editorial: It is the 34th commemoration of Cordillera Day

This year, Cordi day is being hosted by Baguio City through the local IP and NM organizations: the local chapter of CPA – the Tongtogan ti Umili, Baguio based tribal organizations of Cordi, thru the Metro-Baguio Tribal Elders & Leaders Assembly (MBTELA), the I-Bagiw early settlers of Baguio, the Office of the Indigenous People’s Mandatory Representative of Baguio, and Ibaloys affiliated with the Aspulan, and other individuals.

Editorial: Preconditions to peace?

In the early days of the Duterte administration, there were high hopes that the peace negotiations between the Government of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) will soon find resolution to the root causes of the almost five decade armed revolution waged by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and New People’s Army (NPA).

Editorial: Picketing the Supreme Court

Governance policies and practices taken by the present administration that has so blatantly infringed on the inherent rights and collective rights of every Filipino, is now giving shape to a monster, an enemy to the people. However, with the lessons and experiences from the last decades of ruling regimes, from the period of martial law and the plundering leaders that followed; the numbers of conscientious and discerning people of the nation are steadily emerging from their comfort zones to help prevent or even stop that monster. The cruelty a tyrannical regime can inflict on the greater majority of citizens, on their communities and on their homes has been witnessed in several instances nationwide, and in so oftentimes.

Editorial: Department of (In)Justice aka DOJ

the DOJ filed a petition to declare some 600 individuals as terrorists, among those included were priests, United Nations experts, lawyers, environmental activists, human rights defenders, indigenous peoples’ leaders and others. This drew outrage from various groups, statesmen and individuals in the country and abroad who continue to call and demand for the dropping of the DOJ charges, pointing out that the list bearing over 600 names is terribly faulty, unverified and untrue.

Editorial: They do not see the joke was on them

There is a song by the BeeGees which was quite popular here in the country in the 70s which goes, “I started a Joke, which started the whole world crying, but I didn’t see that the joke was on me, oh no, that the joke was on me…” We are reminded of the idiomatic expression in that song when minions around a “butangero” boss try to tone down or pad the fall of the cusses and grave threats their boss spews whenever he chooses to push his weight around those he perceives as lesser people or to threaten critics away.

Editorial: Do we need a new Constitution?

Last Friday the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes joint with Electoral Reforms and People’s Participation called a Regional Consultative Hearing here in Baguio. It was said that this consultation was the last of the series of consultations on whether to propose amendments or revise the present 1987 Constitution of the Philippines.

Editorial: What terrorist?

Just to comply with dictators’ and tyrants’ follies the definition of terrorist nowadays is tailored to only fit the definition of those who later turn out to be the people’s enemy. Dictators and tyrants are defined so because they oppress, using people’s common resources to build mercenary armies, point their guns and bombs at civilians, pillage and torture the wider poor population of a nation.

Editorial: The president, a tyrant, the enemy?

The english dictionary on the net lists the word tyrant as synonymous to dictator, despot, autocrat, authoritarian, oppressor, slave driver, martinet, bully, megalomaniac; a cruel and oppressive ruler. Any peace loving person upon reading these definitions would just in one’s thought, refuse to be ruled or led by such a character. And would even “envision a world free from tyrants.”

Editorial: Assault on IP rights, ancestral domain

The area blown up by military personnel under the National Task Force Mining Challenge (NTFMC) last February 14 may have been defined as within the municipal boundaries of Tuba, Benguet but, for the longest time, it is also being been claimed by Baguio City and specifically the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has also been trying to ease out any private claims, legitimate or illegitimate, over this area.