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Nordis editorials, publishers’ notes

Editorial: Tora, tora!

“Tora, tora,” a term used and made popular from 2nd World War stories that translates to “Tiger, tiger” and is said to have been a Japanese miltary call code then for “attack”. World War II ended more than half a century ago but the term is still used by many Filipinos especially in the countryside where they are targets of airstrikes or airplane bomb attacks of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Editorial: Woman, lifting her half of the sky

On March 8, the International Day for the Working Women, Filipino progressives celebrated the woman, the (equal) partner in the struggle (and in the victories) for the wider community (of family, friends, neighbors, men, children…) and on this day they also reiterated urgent attention and solutions that can be given to women’s issues.

Editorial: Taking two steps backwards

The backward and savage character among men has surfaced and taken lead in the House of Representatives with the reinstatement of the death penalty in the Philippine Justice system. However it may be justified, in a civilized society it is inhuman. It must be especially for a population who believe they are Christians who teach and who live by the Bible… “thou shall not kill.”

Editorial: The same dilemma stays

The arrest of vocal Duterte critic Sen. Leila De Lima is another testament of how malleable the Philippine justice system is. It no longer comes as a surprise that it is capable of political persecution and selective penalty for those perceived as political enemies.

Editorial: Changes come and go

President Rodrigo Duterte is certainly one of a kind – his methods are unorthodox and his brash and beery public persona unprecedented. During his campaign period, his foul mouth and brute honesty may have been refreshing but eight months in and people are either tired or used to it.