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Nordis editorials, publishers’ notes

Editorial: What terrorist?

Just to comply with dictators’ and tyrants’ follies the definition of terrorist nowadays is tailored to only fit the definition of those who later turn out to be the people’s enemy. Dictators and tyrants are defined so because they oppress, using people’s common resources to build mercenary armies, point their guns and bombs at civilians, pillage and torture the wider poor population of a nation.

Editorial: The president, a tyrant, the enemy?

The english dictionary on the net lists the word tyrant as synonymous to dictator, despot, autocrat, authoritarian, oppressor, slave driver, martinet, bully, megalomaniac; a cruel and oppressive ruler. Any peace loving person upon reading these definitions would just in one’s thought, refuse to be ruled or led by such a character. And would even “envision a world free from tyrants.”

Editorial: Assault on IP rights, ancestral domain

The area blown up by military personnel under the National Task Force Mining Challenge (NTFMC) last February 14 may have been defined as within the municipal boundaries of Tuba, Benguet but, for the longest time, it is also being been claimed by Baguio City and specifically the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has also been trying to ease out any private claims, legitimate or illegitimate, over this area.

Editorial: Growing tyranny

There is a progessives’ call for all freedom loving Filipinos to build a broad alliance against tyranny, or the “increasing fascist and militarist rule “of the present government”.

Editorial: In an IP leaders summit

For decades now the national democratic (ND) movement in Mindanao doggedly pursued the campaign against development aggression and with the Lumads explained and raised with government that they do not want the government version of foreign investments, and brazen economic and military invasions into their ancestral domains with the sole purpose of taking away — by hook or by crook – their common resources and private homes and their communities.

Editorial: Mabuhay, “BS”

Benedict Pecdasen Solang, a member and recently chosen to chair the Board of Trustees of Northern Media Information Network (NMIN), passed away early evening of January 26 after delivering a message on the Cordillera in the book launch of a friend held in Manila. BS as he is fondly called by his colleagues and friends, shall be sorely missed especially because above all he had to do as a grandfather, a brother, a caregiver, a father and a husband, he has been persevering and very patient working and studying with us to make sure we deliver your newspaper with factual relevant content, the best possible way. He is missed and remembered every minute while we worked on this issue.

Editorial: Cha-Cha is not about Federalism or Regional Autonomy

Chacha, suggests lively dance music and fun but on the news jargon or in Philippine politics it means Charter change (Cha-cha) which is again raised by the current regime, as it was by almost every regime before it, and its House of Representatives (HOR) like it is a new and the best proposal to lift the widespread poverty in the Philippines. It is even being passed as the ‘same’ proposal for the change to a federal form of government or the quickest way to achieve regional autonomy.

Editorial: Resume peace talks

The year 2017 ends today on a roller coaster of seemingly karmic events. The Davao mall inferno and a major vehicular accident in La Union with huge casualties followed the disastrous typhoons Urduja and Vinta with epic effects respectively in Biliran and in Lanao. The human life disastrous war on drugs has further divided the nation. And instability within government is marked by endless corruption charges now even involving the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Editorial: Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year! This is the most common greetings at this time of the year, the most anticipated among all the Christian holidays. It is characterized with bright colorful lights, merry making and gift giving. But more than these, it is more of a promise of redemption and peace. As the Bible says, God sent his only son to save his people and give them life everlasting.