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Nordis editorials, publishers’ notes

Editorial: Cordillera Day

For 33 years, Cordillera Day was annually observed by progressive indigenous peoples organizations led by the Cordillera Peoples’ Alliance (CPA). Cordi Day, in short, begun from the Macli-ing Memorial commemorating the day the Pangat was treacherously killed by soldiers of the State. It initially was a day to remember the honorable warrior’s lifeworks and selfless sacrifice but it also has grown to be an annual venue to share the collective actions of groups and communities in their common struggle to defend the ancestral domain, of building their unities to advance their community, to share their triumphs at determining their future as indigenous peoples, and many more.

Editorial: Easter Sunday and the easter egg hunt

Easter falls on a spring month in the temparate zone countries and it is the season when the vegetation that disappears towards the winter season starts growing again so it is celebrated as such – a rebirth, regrowth. Thanksgiving, for a bountiful farm, more animal offspring, and warmer weather, is celebrated as blessings of the spring season.

Editorial: Assuring peace

The past few months have been a “whirlwind romance” for the peace panels of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) — a successful third round of the Peace Talks in Rome in January; followed by the lifting of unilateral ceasefires of both parties which eventually led to the GRP suspending the talks in February, and; a few days ago, the GRP-NDFP successfully concluded the fourth round of the peace talks in The Netherlands.

Editorial: Barangay elections?

Google defines democracy as “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” It listed synonyms which include: self government, government by the people, republic, commonwealth, and noted, “freedom of speech is essential to democracy.”

Editorial: Leaf of discontent

Every year, farmers produce an average of 40 million dried tobacco leaves, 90% of which comes from Northern Luzon with an estimated value of P3.56 Billion. More than P50 Billion is collected annually by the government from the industry. Provinces producing the crop are among the top income earners, thanks to their 15% share from the total government revenue for taxing tobacco companies and trading centers.

Editorial: Tora, tora!

“Tora, tora,” a term used and made popular from 2nd World War stories that translates to “Tiger, tiger” and is said to have been a Japanese miltary call code then for “attack”. World War II ended more than half a century ago but the term is still used by many Filipinos especially in the countryside where they are targets of airstrikes or airplane bomb attacks of the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Editorial: Woman, lifting her half of the sky

On March 8, the International Day for the Working Women, Filipino progressives celebrated the woman, the (equal) partner in the struggle (and in the victories) for the wider community (of family, friends, neighbors, men, children…) and on this day they also reiterated urgent attention and solutions that can be given to women’s issues.