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Weekly Reflections: Let the children come to me (2/2)

Now, the next question that confronts us today is how are we to give our children Christian education and nurture? How are we to bring our children to Jesus Christ our Lord so that he may touch them and bless them?

From Under This Hat: Violet is blue

At the International Association of Women in Broadcast and Television 37th Biennial Assembly last week in Quezon City, I met a vibrant and warm people of the women broadcast community from all over the world. It also was where places in Africa as Zimbabwe, Kenya and Sierra Leone became real for me; not just a news clip on TV news or video documents, but somebody in front and a solid living community representative and a woman.

Youthspeak: ASEAN integration in education, no benefit for students

By now, most universities and colleges shifted from the old academic calendar year, (June to March) to the new academic calendar year (August to May) due to the ASEAN integration within education. The calendar shift was adjusted to sync with the South East Asian nation’s academic school calendar ideally making it easier for students to enroll in schools in South East Asia. However, most students do not have the luxury to go study abroad making the academic calendar shift elitist, namely for those who can afford it.

Weekly Reflections: Let the children come to me (1/2)

November is designated as Children’s Month. As Christian parents, we are responsible for many things with respect to our children. We are called upon to provide our children with food, shelter, and clothing. But in the words of our Biblical text, our greatest responsibility as Christian parents is to let our children come to Jesus Christ our Lord. When we do not do this, then we have failed somehow in our Christian responsibility to our children.

As The Bamboos Sway: AFP is against revolutionary gov’t?

On November 8, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and Lt. Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) assured Vice President Leni Robredo that the military will not support any move placing the country under a revolutionary government.

From Under This Hat: Let the people “sing our (their) own song”

“Sing our own song”, was the title of a short video documentary in the early 80’s that featured the late Ka Pepe Diokno (Senator Jose Diokno) that helped very much in the projection of the atrocities of the Martial law and the projection of the struggle of the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera.

Weekly Reflections: When a blessing becomes a curse

It is significant to note that the worst typhoon in human history named Yolanda happened in our country in the month of November designated as Stewardship Month. In the light of Yolanda commemoration, let us focus our reflection on the stewardship of creation.

Women’s Front: Supporting women human rights defenders

In light of the recent waves of attacks against women human rights defenders in the Cordillera by the 7th Infantry Division (ID) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Northern Luzon Command, we, in Innabuyog, together with the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance and the Cordillera Peoples Alliance are urgently appealing to our fellow kakailyan and other peace loving citizens in the region and the entire Philippines to support the campaign, “Women Against Tyranny.”