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As The Bamboos Sway: When US Constitution ammendments clash

Reacting to a posted picture where a placard bore by one of the million student protestors in Washington D.C. questioning “Why is the NRA more powerful than congress, senate and our president,” my FB friend, Kalovski Itim, commented “You know why? Because it is one of the lobby group of the big military industrial complex promoting imperialist interventionist wars of destruction and plunder everywhere in the globe.”

Bandillo: We shall overcome

These are dangerous times. The atmosphere is intimidating. I have been included in the Depatment of Justice (DOJ) proscription list of alleged “terrorists.” Now, fellow peace advocates, rights defenders and progressive activists are arbitrarily tagged as “terrorists,” too.

Women’s Front: Understanding discrimination and violence vs women (2/3)

This historical process resulted in the creation of the image of the double faced Filipina — on one side, the meek, weak and subservient woman personified by Maria Clara and on the other side the prostitute and temptress embodied by Magdalena. On one hand, is the women sheltered inside the home whose role is to serve the husband and bring about children who would later become his heirs and on the other hand the “liberated” woman illustrated as a sex symbol whose body can be used to sell products or bought with a hefty price more so if she can stimulate and excite the imagination of the male onlookers.

Youthspeak: Patuloy ang kalbaryo ng mamamayan

Ang Semana Santa ay araw ng paggunita ng mamamayan sa mga paghihirap ni Hesukristo. Si Hesus, bilang isang propeta at mensahero ng Mabuting Balita sa kanyang panahon, ay niyurakan, pinahirapan, at pinaslang ng Imperyo ng Roma. Ipinapasan sa kanya ang krus at ipinako rito bilang kapalit ng kanyang walang pag-iimbot na paglilingkod at pagliligtas sa sambayanan.

Weekly Reflections: Politics of Jesus’ death

Religious and political leaders alike had been advising everyone to refrain from engaging in any political activity during the Holy Week as if this celebration is purely religious and has nothing to do with politics. But the truth is that Jesus’ death on the cross is perhaps the most violent political death in human history.

As The Bamboos Sway: Boracay in self-destruct?

After a brief recent sojourn in Changi in Singapore, Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, and Bangkok in Thailand, my feeling of envy on how tourist spots in the Philippines compare was aggravated upon reading the news about Boracay government officials being under fire for neglect of standards that should maintain the star stature of the popular tourist destination. Moreover, it appears that the threat of President Rodrigo Duterte to bombard the existing he deems illegal structures is to give way for the erection of two casinos with his blessings.

Weekly Reflections: When stones would cry out

March 25 is this year’s Palm Sunday. It is a time for us to commemorate the day when Jesus and his disciples entered Jerusalem with all the people crying and shouting, and holding up palm leaves(cf. Lk.19:28-40).

Women’s Front: Understanding discrimination and violence vs women (1/3)

Violence Against Women (VAW) in its different forms are gender-based abuses that target women in particular because of how they are viewed in society. It is one of the most palpable manifestations of women’s unequal status in relation to men in our society. Although VAW is usually perpetrated by males, it must be clear that VAW happens not because of the ridiculous belief that men are naturally violent and aggressive. The problem has its origin in our history, when the subjugation of women emerged in our society. It is systemic and deeply entrenched in the socio-cultural and political systems where both men and women accept the inequalities as realities of life.

As The Bamboos Sway: Duterte recruits more NPAs with Operation Pacific Eagle – Philippines

Goaded by Operation Pacific Eagle – Philippines (OPE-P), described by Professor Roland Simbulan as “the new US intervention in Asia” and “which raises the Philippines to the same level as Syria and Iraq for the Pentagon’s war plans,” President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte is helping to plant more seeds and is fertilizing the grounds for the further expansion of the New People’s Army (NPA). Entering its 49th year of armed struggle this March 29, 2018, the NPA is bound to face its fiercest and bloodiest years.

Bandillo: On my inclusion in the DOJ list of terrorists

I condemn my inclusion in the so-called “terrorist” list submitted to the courts by the Department of Justice in a petition to have the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) declared as “terrorists”. I learned of my inclusion in the list as I grieve for the passing of my dear mother who has yet to be laid in her final resting place.

Women’s Front: Silence is never an option

Good morning. I am Alma Sinumlag, a Kalinga-Igorot, one of the IP groups in the Cordillera, Philippines. Our region has been dubbed as the watershed cradle of the Northern Philippines, the food basket and so many other terminologies that promote its rich natural resources.