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AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Tale of two Philippine nation

Indeed, akin to the Tale of Two Cities, a novel by Charles Dickens, the Philippines is at the best and worst of times and is close to the apex throes of a chasm where a new Philippines which truly serves its populace will supersede a decadent Philippines which only benefits those ala-royalties of Paris of old.

DARANUDOR TI ILOCANDIA | Alsa iti sao nga Ilokano

Itagbattayon iti bato: Nga idi Oktubre 18, 2018 ket nangrugin ti makunkuna nga Alsa iti Sao nga Ilokano.

Lawlawagantayo daytoy: a daytoy nga aldaw ket aldaw ti panagalsa dagiti Ilokano tapno iti kasta ket irupirda ti kalinteganda iti bukodda a lengguahe, panagirupir a kontra kadagiti minamaag nga aramid dagiti mangidadaulo koma iti pannakapabaknang daytoy a pagsasao ken aminen a pagsasao iti sibubukel a pagilian.

ALL THAT FITS | Rise up and resist tyranny

Activism embodies the very same positive values practiced by our ancestors during the Chico and Cellophil struggle—and many other struggles of our people thereafter. That we must nobly defend our land, life and honor and that we must rise up when life is threatened—these are services to the ili/people for the greater good.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | On another Fil-Am history month

We are now in the middle of October which has been designated as Filipino-American History Month. Question is: Which history will you believe in the relationship of the two countries? Do you still believe that the United States, by virtue of its Manifest Destiny, saved the Philippines from tyrannical Spain and invader Japan; or, by its imperialistic designs, butchered millions of Filipinos during the late 1800s to the first decade of the 1900s to make the Philippines its colony?

CHOICED CUTS | Bulilit Health Workers Program

During the 2017 BHW Summit, the OCMS-Bulilit and Teen Health Workers earned several recognition and awards including a top place in a return demo of emergency management of epilepsy; 2nd place for Poster Making Contest (teen category) and 3rd place for the bulilit category.

All that Fits: Free Rachel Mariano

For those who may not know yet, Rakel is a Cordillera activist, an Ibaloi-Kankanaey from Itogon, Benguet. She hails from Ucab—a community that fiercely and successfully resisted the open pit mining of Benguet Corporation. Rakel worked closely with Cordillera communities for their right to health as the Health Program Desk Coordinator of the Community Health, Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera (CHESTCORE) in Baguio City, since 2004.

As the Bamboos Sway: My brother, Ces

Even in silence, he spoke with eloquence. At least to me. He has been my only brother for 64 years of his mortal life that I had grown to know what he conveyed with the mere twitching of his lips, rolling or gleaming of his eyes, the gravity of his sighs, or jiggle of his shoulders in mirthful mode or shrugging them.