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AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Reviving ROTC and organizing Sparrows are Duterte paranoid ideas

The option to revive the ROTC is a desperate move by President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte to beef up his battalions of fascist troops to counter the New People’s Army (NPA). However, his more or most desperate current move is to “create” his “own Sparrow.” Both ideas of his are actually signs of his paranoia that he will not be able to quash the NPA at the least or be ousted from the presidency at the worst.

WOMEN’S FRONT | Urge the PH Government to be accountable for HR violations

In light of the recent and escalated attacks against women human rights defenders in the Philippines, Innabuyog-Gabriela is inviting everyone to join the global action in time for the International Human Rights Day on December 10.

The group also encourages everyone to endorse the appended letter urging the Philippine government to stop the attacks against human rights defenders in the Philippines.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Heneral Luna and Today’s Buencaminos and Paternos

To me, it was not only a realistic, though dramatic, fresh historical flashback but a depiction of the Philippine current situation today. If the Heneral (played by John Arcilla) was alive today, I could almost hear him say: We have a bigger enemy than the Chinese, American, and other imperialists – Ourselves.

FROM UNDER THIS HAT | NUJP cautions solons on proposed HSA amendment

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines urges lawmakers not to be hasty in accepting a proposal to empower the Department of Information and Communication Technology to shut down social media accounts deemed “inimical to national interest” in amendments being considered to the Human Security Act of 2007, or the anti-terror law.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | Ang Probinsiyano and Philippines Superstructure

Nonetheless, to reiterate, the superstructure to control the minds of the people so the ruling class could maintain the status quo do exist. The aspects of it are manifested in their covering up the maladies of society through entertainment, as in the case of the Ang Probinsiyano that has now gone south against the status quo and must now be restrained.

UNDER THIS HAT | Justice now for Ampatuan massacre victims

But nine years after, justice has not yet been served. Worse, journalists continue to be harassed, charged with trumped-up cases and murdered with impunity. To date, 185 journalists has been killed since 1986, 12 since President Rodrigo Duterte took office.

WOMEN’S FRONT | Free Rachel Mariano, stop violence against women

Today November 25, International Day to End Violence against Women and on November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, we dedicate this column to the women who have committed themselves in the struggle for social change but suffering from persecution because of their political beliefs.

DARANUDOR TI ILOCANDIA | Taxing tobacco, tricking the people

Taxation is part of the government’s exercise of its authority. However, this authority comes with the responsibility to use the fund to improve the lives of its citizens. But under the current social conditions, proposals to raise taxes only serves those in power. The current state of our taxation and distribution system only sustains bureaucratic corruption, political dynasties and patronage politics.