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ALL THAT FITS | Moving Forward

In 2019 Nordis greets us no longer in news stands but solely in its new platform of being online. In addition to the website, Nordis will continue to publish as well in Facebook and Twitter. It is of great interest to me to reach new readership this way. In any case, it remains Diaryo ti Umili ti Amianan. We are honored to have written for the print edition, and we will continue to draw inspiration from the struggling people of northern Luzon for whom Nordis was borne.

DARANUDOR TI ILOCANDIA | Paabante ti turong ti tignayan

Iti iseserrek ti 2019, dakdakkel a karit ti sangoen ti umili ti rehion. Manamnama nga adadda ti panagirteng ti kinaranggas nga ipaay ti gobierno kadagiti kritiko, aglalo kadagiti progresibo nga akakusaran ti rehimen a sumupsuporta ti rebolusyunario a tignayan. Napateg nga ikkan atension ken pagsaganaan dagiti lider ken kameng dagiti organisasion ti pangta ni Presidente Duterte a panangiraman dagiti ligal nga organisasion a paksiaten ti armado a pwersa ti gobierno. Iti panagsasango dagiti dadaakel a politiko ken dinastia iti umay nga eleksion, sigurado nga umirteng ti krisis iti lokal politika, karaman ti panangaramat dagiti kandidato ti ranggas ken pirak tapno maisigurado ti panangabak wenno panagtalinaedda iti bileg ken turay.

BANDILLO | Elusive peace

Efforts were made since early February this year for the possible resumption of formal talks. However, the government backtracked and pushed another track, the localized peace talks which discards the national peace talks held in neutral venue abroad. Last month, November, the President closed all doors to the possible revival of stalled peace talks. He then ordered government forces to wage all-out offensives against the NPA and adopted the whole-of-nation approach to crush the revolutionary movement.


For the members of the NDW staff and I, it has been a most trying 16 years to serve our chosen mandate and I know we have won battles as well as stumbled and hit our heads on many obstacles in newspapering. But the reality of the economic crisis brought on all of us by this oppressive system now led by a terrormonger has eventually caught up with us too. Yet presently, at the back of my mind, I am still holding up a placcard in protest and in support for the printed copy at least for the counties without Wi-fi.

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | On NPAs Recent Score, Hamlets, Truth, and Corpuz’s Silent War

And as the CPP enters its 50th year anniversary on Dec. 26, 2018 with the NPA’s 50th on March 29, 2019, do note that they claim that they are just continuing the unfinished revolution of the Katipunan after being under Spain for 377 years. So, what is another 50 years if need be? Given all these, I am actually wondering what retired Brigadier General Victor Corpuz is thinking and involved with now. He had been silent

AS THE BAMBOOS SWAY | The Spirit of the Balangiga Bells

Now that the Bells of Balangiga are repatriated to the Philippines, there is a flurry of claims as to who should be credited for their return. Malacanang Palace has the audacity to say that it was only through the “political will” of President Rodrigo ‘Digong’ Duterte that the bells will again be hoisted at the Balangiga Church towers in Samar.