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Editorial: Judy T did great

Everbody is talking about Judy T. who left a very large empty shoe at the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Secretary’s position that none of this admistration will ever be able to fill. No matter how many information officers, press releases and propaganda stints the bureaucracy pulls to prettify whoever takes the position, unlike Judy T. who was accepted by people, the next DSWD appointee is already suspect of being quite corrupt.

As The Bamboos Sway: Trump is totally out of the closet

With the Charlotte episode of hate, Trump, as a racist, a defender of Nazi ideology, and a civil war monger is totally out of the closet. There is no longer pretense that, though voted into office partly by colored people in the United States, by his stance, pronouncements and tweets, he is the president only for the white supremacists.

Bandillo: We salute you, Judy Taguiwalo

“Sayang naman: Just what do politicians want in a DSWD Secretary to be acceptable to them? Judy Taguiwalo, personally for me, exudes the kind of a no-nonsense quietly effective and competent government official with impeccable integrity uncorrupted by the lures of perks and money for personal benefit, the kind of unassuming official that we the people pined for so long, a breath of fresh air from the grandstanding politicians and some government bureaucrats… Now this lady, even if she is branded as a communist, I think has her heart in the right places. Ah, they want a compliant and subservient secretary to do their political biddings as in the case of Gina! Whatever they say about her, sayang siya, nope we the people are the losers, not her! Sayang!”

Statements: Pagkondena sa kasong isinampa sa MGA magsasaka ng Rizal

Mariing kinukondena ng Anakpawis Partylist, Kagimungan, Alyansa ng mga Magsasakang Maag-aguman ti Daga (AMADA), Alyansa ng Kababaihang Magsasaka (AMIHAN- Cagayan) ang pagsasampa ni Atty Nelson Villaflor ng kasong Frustrated Murder sa dalawampu’t limang (25) magsasaka ng Brgy Mauanan, Rizal.

Statements: Mahal ng mamamayan ng Ilocos ang NPA

Sa ganitong kalagayan, kung saan tanging pagpatay at pananakot lamang ang alam na solusyon ng gobyernong namamayani sa ilalim ni Duterte, hindi nakapagtataka ang patuloy na paglakas at pagdami ng mandirigma ng NPA at ng buong rebolusyonaryong kilusan lalo na sa rehiyon.

Weekly Reflections: A theology of non-conformity

To claim as the only Christian nation in Asia, yet the second most corrupt in the region is a great contradiction. Thus, many Filipino Christians felt disillusioned by this startling reality. Why is it that there seem to be a big gap between Christian faith and practice in our country today?

Women’s Front: Breaking away from old ideas

In the traditional dap-ay (indigenous socio-political institution) system among the Bontoc, Aplay and Maeng tribes, women are prohibited to participate. Women are not even allowed to stay near the dap-ay especially when male elders and leaders are having a meeting. In the bodong system among the Kalingas, Tingguians, Bontocs, Aplay, and Isnags, women are not allowed to join as well. Instead, they participate by cooking and serving food and coffee, and washing the dishes. But can we categorically state that these are reflective of the low regard for women?

Editorial: International Day of World Indigenous Peoples

One elder traced their history as migrants or permanent and temporary residents in Baguio, many of whom have come to seek employment and livelihood, or to seek sanctuary from the militarization, displacement in their communities, and for better education facilities.

Weekly Reflections: Doing God’s mission

August is designated mission month in my church. It is a time to affirm and celebrate the church’s basic nature and characteristics as God’s mission in the world. This is what makes the church different from any human institution for it has been set apart for a holy purpose of making God’s love known in the world.