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Editorial: We want peace now!

Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate said a few days ago, “It would be best for the DND and the AFP to concentrate on the defense of the Philippines from China and the US that are now increasing their military activities in our territories instead of trying to sabotage the peace talks that can pave the way for a just and lasting peace and uplift the lives of majority of Filipinos.”

As The Bamboos Sway: How the West Pack was Un-Won

If we think that President Donald Trump, for the United States, scored over Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, for North Korea, in their historic meeting in Singapore last June 12, 2018, maybe we should think again.

Statements: Conserve and protect the environment by pursuing just peace

We welcome the recent announcement of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) on the resumption of the formal peace negotiations before the end of June. Both panels also deserve recognition for their fortitude to iron-out issues stalling the negotiations during the back-channel talks.

Statements: Hold the CPLA accountable for crimes against the Cordillera people!

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance is one with the Benguet Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in denouncing the deceitful recruitment activities by the mercenary group Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army-Cordillera Bodong Administration (CPLA-CBA) in the province. CPLA is known for its notorious track record of human rights violations in the region.

Weekly Reflections: Theology of Fatherhood

The Third Sunday of June is celebrated in our country as Father’s Day. Other countries, however, celebrate Father’s Day on different dates, which would remind us that remembering our fathers should not be once a year only, but rather throughout the whole year, every moment of our lives.

Editorial: Naananay a Pangkabiagan

Malaksid ti nasalun-at ken natalged nga aglawlaw, kasapulan ti tunggal indbidwal ti naananay a pangkabiagan a mangted ti disente ken napnoan dignidad a panagbiag. Iti benneg ti mannalon, kabatog daytoy ti naananay ken bukod a daga a masukay, usto a tangdan, tulong iti produksion ken nainkalintegan a presio ti produkto. Kadagiti met mangmangged ken empleyado, kapapatgan ti pannakaipaay ti umno ken rumbeng a sweldo ken benepisyo.

All That Fits: Pananglagip – Rafael Marcus Bangit

In one of the many tributes to Rafael Markus Bangit in June 2006, Carol Galvez read a speech (that flowed like a poem) written in honor of human rights defender Shirin Ebadi. “For the man who is all man” she said. That day it was for Makoy, pangat and activist elder.

As The BamboosSway: Mormons celebrate acceptance of Blacks in Church

In 1987 I was a very new convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also commonly known as the Mormon Church. Knowing I am a Filipino, an office mate, a Polish lady, who used to be a Mormon confronted me, asking why I joined the Church when I am Filipino and Blacks were banned from the temple and other blessings of the Church. I was surprised because, being new, I did not know about a policy in 1952 that such banning on Blacks was imposed by the Church Leadership. My office mate did not also know and apparently had a falling out with the Church earlier than June 1, 1978 when that policy was lifted and Blacks all over the world were given all the rights and privileges that are due to every member of the Church regardless of any color – priesthood, temple ordinances and blessings, and others – “for all are Children of God and all are like into God.”

Bandillo: On the interim GPh-NDFP Peace Agreement

A welcome and laudable development on the peace process is evolving. On separate occasions, the Government of the Philippines (GPh) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) announced the possible signing of an interim peace agreement anytime soon. 

Daranudor ti Ilocandia: Salaudan ti aglawlaw, ilaban ti karbengan

Ti Hunyo ket naituding a bulan para iti aglawlaw (Environment Month), bayat a ti Hunyo 5 ket ramrabakan ti sangalubungan kas World Environment Day. Kapapatgan a lagipen iti panangrambak ti daytoy nga aldaw dagiti indibidwal a nangipaay ti panawen ken biag iti panangsaluad ti aglawlaw. Malaksid pay a rumbeng a maawatan iti tunggal indibidwal a ti panangsalaknib ti aglawlaw ket nairut a nakasilpo iti panangitandudo ti karbengan-tao ken panggimong nga hustisya.